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Fabric Pests – Everything You need To Know About Them And How To Eliminate Them

As the name suggests, fabric pests are small bugs that find their way onto different fabrics and they will cause a significant amount of damage. This is because they literally eat your garments. The first you may know of the issue is when you get an item of clothing or bedding and find it has a fresh hole in it. 

The most common fabric pest is probably the clothes moth. These have been an issue for many years and are one of the reasons moth balls were invented. But, they are not the only fabric pest you should be aware of. Carpet beetles are also a common problem and are often found in carpets. You may also notice the tiny silverfish in your home, especially around the windows. These are also known to eat fabrics.

Getting Professional Help

The first thing you should consider doing is to click here and get the professional to help you. Getting the exterminators in can seem like a drastic solution. After all, fabric pests don’t present a threat to human health. 

But, they are very difficult to get rid of and a little professional help will make the process much easier Don’t forget the professionals have the experience and equipment to deal with your issue.

Vacuum Regularly

Another thing you need to start doing, whether you have fabric pests or not, is to vacuum regularly. Vacuuming removes hairs, debris, and other dirt from your carpets and soft furnishings. While these items may seem small and not worth wasting time on, they represent a feast to many fabric pests. Worse, their presence will attract fabric pests.

Simply vacuuming regularly will make your home less appealing to fabric pests.

Washing Clothes

It should be noted that washing and even drying clothes will not necessarily kill the fabric pests on them. It will certainly kill some of them. But, the more important role of washing and drying is to remove any other items that can attract the fabric pests. 

It is particularly important to wash and dry items before you store them as this will lower the risk of fabric pests attacking. 


The most effective traps for fabric pests are pheromone ones. These are effective against clothes moths and carpet beetles. The pheromone trap attracts the pests and contains them inside the trap. It is the perfect way of assessing whether you have an issue or not. If you discover you have an issue then you can take steps to eliminate the pests. 


The easiest solution is to spray pesticides where you have seen the fabric pests. However, pesticides can be dangerous to children and animals. You’ll need to make sure you follow the instructions on the pesticide to minimize risk and ensure it is effective.

It is possible to use milder fumigants to eliminate the pests. However, it is generally best to avoid direct contact with clothing as the fumigants can damage the items.


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