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Family Friendly Careers For Those Looking For More Balance

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Whilst it’s certainly becoming more normal to have a family and be able to work in a career you love without sacrificing one or the other, there’s still a bit of a way to go when it comes to things like balancing childcare with work and being able to work flexible hours that allow you to work the way you need to and be able to be there for your children at the same time.

However, there are definitely plenty of careers out there that can really offer you the best of both worlds, so in this post, we’re going to share with you what those are.


Teaching may be a fun and rewarding job in many ways, but it’s certainly not easy, and it also takes a good few years to become qualified as a teacher, and being a parent simply isn’t going to be enough of a qualification in and of itself, so if you’re thinking of a career change, then it’s important to remember that this is going to take time. However, if you have a family and are looking for a job that fits in with that, then you’re not going to get much better than teaching – especially if you have children who are already at school since you’ll be working during the same hours they’re at school and will be off when they’re off – not to mention that you also get the same amount of holidays that they get, so it’s really quite perfect.


If you’ve ever wanted a job that you enjoy and that you can work around your children, then nursing is a good one to consider. Not only are you making a difference and helping people, but since nurses have anything but a 9-5 lifestyle, then you’re going to find that you have a very flexible schedule to work around with your kids. Some of the shifts may be unsociable and long, but you’ll definitely have the ability to be more flexible than you would be when working a 9-5. If you’re thinking of going back to gain an online masters in nursing, then this could be something that you can also do from home in the evenings and in your free time.


If you’re a creative person who loves to write and can use your words to market and sell things, then a career as a copywriter is a good one to consider. You can either work for an agency where the hours are often flexible or you could take things up a notch and work freelance so that you’re completely in control of how you work, when, and how much you earn since this can be done entirely from home online.

Customer Service

Customer service is something that’s typically expected around the clock since most companies now operate globally, so if you’re looking for a career that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of hours, then this is a great choice. If you enjoy speaking to and helping people, then there are plenty of opportunities available to get into customer service and it’s great for those who have young families since you’ll often be working shifts, and sometimes it can be done from home, depending on the company.

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