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Family Fun: Ideas For Your Next Vacation

Photo by Dorota Semla from Pexels

Family vacations offer incredible opportunities to make memories and spend quality time together. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, and you’re keen to make it the best yet, here are some ideas to consider. 

Theme parks and resorts

There’s nothing quite like the magic of going to a theme park when you’re a kid, but vacations at famous resorts that are packed with rides and attractions can also be great fun for adults. If you’ve always wanted to take your children to meet their favorite TV or movie characters, or you’re eager to explore enchanted kingdoms or film sets together, why not start planning your next adventure now? You can use online resources such as this guide to the best hotels near Disney World in Orlando and reviews and blog posts to find useful information, get tips and make planning a breeze. It’s also an excellent idea to use the Internet to compare prices and look for the best deals. You can also sign up for news updates and emails and follow parks and resorts on social media to hear about discounts and sales and new attractions.

Beach breaks

Beach breaks are an ideal choice for families looking to enjoy a relaxing break, explore new places and have fun in the sun. You can choose to visit a different state, stay close to home or jet off to exotic locations and enjoy lazy days soaking up the rays or action-packed adventures. Hotels with children’s pools and kids’ clubs are ideal for small children, while older kids might enjoy water sports and excursions like boat trips and snorkeling. 


Camping is a brilliant way to experience the great outdoors and to have fun together on a budget. Today, there are multiple accommodation options, and you don’t necessarily have to sleep in a tent. From lodges and campervans to cabins and funky treehouses, there’s a range of bases to consider. Camping is ideally suited to those who love activities like hiking, cycling and climbing and if you choose the right locations, it’s possible to try a vast array of different sports and active pursuits. If you’re thinking about going camping, compare prices and accommodation options and locations online, plan your route in advance and download a packing checklist. 

City breaks

We tend to think of city breaks as a perfect option for a weekend away with the girls or a romantic break with our partners, but they can also be fantastic for kids. Many cities offer a huge range of attractions and sights to cater for all ages, meaning there’s no risk of complaints of boredom. From museums, parks and zoos to galleries, famous landmarks and sports and entertainment venues, you can plan a fun-packed itinerary. It’s always beneficial to read guides and get tips from locals before traveling, to compare prices for hotels online and to look into options like ticket bundles for the most popular attractions. 

Are you dreaming of going on vacation? If you’re looking for ideas for a memorable family trip, hopefully, this guide has given you inspiration. 

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