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A Farewell to Winter / Savoring the Final Days

So here we are well into the spring, yet it doesn’t quite feel or look like it. Temps are below 50 degrees and the trees are looking mighty bare. Winter just won’t let spring be great. He’s such a hater. I had quit winter months ago. My protests were accompanied by whining, wall sliding, and use of the hashtag #wintermustdie.

Just when I had enough, Ziploc presented me with a challenge . While I wanted no parts of that offensively frigid, white stuff on the ground, I thought I’d make an effort to celebrate winter while we could. Here’s a recap of our celebration written in present tense. Let’s just pretend it’s a cold March day, here in the Midwest.

We have been promising Jayden a trip to the sledding hill, but it has been so hard trying to muster up even an ounce of excitement… because the air hurts my face.


As part of our celebratory challenge, we headed to our local sledding hill after school. There was another family enjoying the drift and some kids snowboarding nearby.


Jayden grabbed the sled from the back of our truck and giddily carried it on over to the hill.


His first trip down resulted in a few flips and tangles.


He trekked it back up the hill for a few more trips and then it was my turn.


Sledboard. Sledboard. Cruisin’ down that hill, crusin’ crusin’ down that hill.


Jaxon and Daddy watched from afar, awaiting their turn, until…


I found myself catapulting out with the sled ending up in two pieces.


Following the sledding shenanigans, we headed to Starbucks to warm up. Jayden had his usual hot chocolate and I needed a little boost so that I could get through the evening. I’ve been pulling long nights working on deadlines.


To go with our warm drinks, I brought some lemon turnovers in a reusable Ziploc® Brand Smart Snap® Seal container along for us to enjoy. Ahh yes. What a wonderful way to end our feat.


In just that short amount of time, we’ve probably had the most fun we’ve had all winter long. All it took was an impromptu trip to the sledding hill and a sled that decide to quit at life. Haha. Spring will hopefully be here before we know it! With only few days left of the season, how will you savor the final days of winter? Be sure to check out the website for more ideas on how you can challenge yourself to make simple and easy lifestyle changes for the better!

This post is brought to you by Ziploc. I received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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