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Finding Balance When Caring For Elderly Parents At Home

When your mom or dad reaches an age when they cannot care for themselves, it’s natural for you to want to step up and help out. As their child, you’re the closest relative they have and will ultimately do everything you can to ensure they continue to lead happy and healthy lives. Unfortunately, most adult children extend themselves, their lives, and the lives of other household members to a breaking point. 

Although bringing mom and dad to live with you seems like the most practical solution, it comes with significant responsibilities. You’ll have to dedicate your time, energy, and finances to ensure their needs are met while still managing everyday tasks and caring for others. If you’re not prepared, it can lead to declining health, mental health problems, relationship issues, and even resentment. How can an adult child find balance? Continue reading for advice. 

Take Off Your Cape

The first bit of advice for adult child caretakers is to take off the cape. While you may have amazing abilities to juggle many hats and responsibilities, you’re not a superhero. You cannot do everything for yourself, your parents, and other loved ones by yourself. Trying to master it all may work initially, but it won’t be long before you feel unaccomplished and burned out. The sooner you come to this realization, the better it is for everyone involved. 

Practice Self-Care

Don’t become so consumed with caring for your parents, kids, and significant other, that you forget the most important person – yourself. When you reach a point where you’re not eating regularly, staying active, socializing, indulging in activities you enjoy, sleeping, or tending to personal hygiene and appearance, it can backfire. Not only does it lead to an increased risk of physical and mental health problems, but it limits your ability to be there for your loved ones. So, do everyone a favor and use self-care practices to prioritize your health and wellness. 

Hire Help

Part of removing the cape and prioritizing self-care means knowing your limits and asking for help. Although it’s common to turn to other household members to pitch in, these added responsibilities alter their everyday lives and regular routines. Not to mention, there are types of assistance seniors need that may go beyond your scope of understanding. 

Ultimately, hiring help to care for your elderly parents is ideal. For instance, with nursing support at home, a trained medical professional can assist your parents with administering medications, navigating mobility problems, and managing existing health conditions. Having a nurse visit regularly reduces the responsibilities on everyone’s plates and ensures your parents have the best care possible. 

Use Technology To Simplify Life

Keeping up with everyday tasks as an adult child caretaker is challenging. There are things you must do for your kids and spouse on top of things for your parents. One way to find balance and simplify your life is to utilize technology to your advantage. 

You can set up financial accounts online for easier management. You can use scheduling and budgeting apps to control finances and keep up with upcoming events. Health monitoring apps and wearable technology enable you to evaluate your parent’s well-being with fewer hassles. 

That’s not all you can use technology for in your everyday life. From online shopping and grocery delivery services to prescription management and telemedicine, you can find service providers to acquire things you need and want without disrupting everyday routines. 

Take A Break

Last but not least, don’t overlook the importance of taking a break from your duties as a caretaker. Your parents are with you 24/7, and being there for them is a huge undertaking. As much as you love them, it’s imperative to take a break sometimes. Whether you find someone to watch your parents for the day, weekend, or a week, use this time to relax and focus on other aspects of your life. 

Your parents dedicated years of their lives to ensure that you go the best upbringing possible. It’s only fitting to want to do the same as they get older. If you’ve decided to take care of your elderly parents in your home, you must understand the full scope of your new role. When you’re aware of the common challenges, you can use tips like those suggested above to find balance and simplify your life. 


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