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Finding a New Twist on Coffee

If you are like many of us, coffee is your go-to beverage. Whether its early morning and you need that caffeine boost to get your day going, or time for a nice, hot, cup to go along with your favorite foods, coffee lovers will find themselves willing and able to indulge in their favorite brews no matter the time of day. With the emergence of specialized coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, espressos, and cold brews, more people are finding ways to incorporate coffee into their day. Below we will touch on a few of the more, trendy coffee drinks available, what they go well with, and how you can make them at home for yourself, instead of rushing out to the local coffee shop each time you have a craving.

At Home Brews

Making your own coffee-based beverages at home is simpler than many people realize. Coffee recipes can open your taste buds to an entirely new world of flavor. Whether you are a fan of iced coffees, hot coffees, lattes, or any coffee blend, the addition of flavored syrups and a bit of imagination can transform your home into your very own bistro. Add in the fact that you will be able to enjoy whatever flavored coffee drink you prefer when you want it, without having to leave the comforts of your own home and you have a winning combination any coffee enthusiast will love.

An Adult Twist

For those who enjoy a more adult beverage, coffee-based drinks are available for you as well. Classic drinks such as Irish Coffee, have been a popular choice for years. With new recipes now available, new drinks such as the deliciously named, Adult Milk and Cookies, and Adult Pumpkin Chai Iced Lattes, are flavors many people are trying. With so many flavor combinations available, you will find yourself able to mix your own coffee beverage, with an adult twist, that keeps you coming back for more.

Coffee and Dessert

As a child, you most likely watched the adults in your family brew a pot of coffee to serve up with dessert. Most likely, you asked yourself why on many occasions. Now, as an adult, you have hopefully discovered the answer. Coffee and dessert go hand in hand. Yes, no matter what flavor, or preferred coffee beverage you choose, having a cup of coffee with your favorite sweet is a wonderful combination. So much so that one dessert is named after coffee, the ever, popular coffee cake and its many delicious recipes. Enjoying coffee with sweets is one of the perks coffee lovers have taken advantage of for years.

Coffee Flavored Foods

Yes, coffee flavored foods are on the market. Coffee enthusiasts have most likely given a few coffee flavored recipes a try. If not, they should. These recipes will give you a bit of your favorite beverage taste, that you can enjoy at any time. It is becoming quite common for people to add coffee in their favorite snacks to give themselves a kick of flavor. Coffee flavored ice cream is one version of a coffee-based food that is popular with coffee enthusiasts. With no-churn recipes available this can be found in many coffee lover’s homes. Adding coffee to things such as mousses, and cake icings are also quite common. The kick in flavor is one many people love, whether they are coffee drinkers or not.

As you can see, there is a wide array of coffee drinks, as well as foods that go with them, for coffee lovers to enjoy. Using popular recipes while adding your own choices of flavor combinations, can open a whole new world of flavor in your home. Be adventurous and try new things, and you will surely find many combinations your taste buds will fall in love with.;tid=1;dt=6;

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