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Golden Tote Review | Style Subscription Box @Sophistishe

I’ve been wanting to spruce up my wardrobe with a few pieces to build upon what I already have. One fashion mistake that I’ve made in my late teens and early twenties included collecting pieces that required too much effort and extras to style. Instead of working towards completing outfits, I’d grab different pieces simply because they were cute. Years would go by and I’d find myself with a hodge podge of items in my closet that I had either stylistically outgrown or simply had no idea what to do with.

Shopping. I kinda love it, but it’s exhausting even online. I’ll have a few things in mind. I’ll have a budget… then five additional cute things find their way into my cart. After a few days, I would have rearranged my cart several times.

Sometimes I wish someone would just shop for me. Less work for me, plus the element of surprise as a bonus.

I’ve always been curious about personal styling services, but I’ve held out in fear that I’d either hate everything or end up spending too much. I turn 30 this year, so I figured now is the time to start indulging in the finer things. *ehehm*

Enter Golden Tote.

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Golden Tote is a personal styling service that I am currently obsessed with. The founders are clothing designers from LA who work with fashion brands to get deep discounts as well as offer their own clothing designs. New totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9AM PST. The Mini Tote contains 2 clothing items, one you choose and one surprise. The Golden Tote contains 5 clothing items, two you choose and three surprises. The Surprise Tote contains 3 clothing items, all a surprise.

I was gifted the Golden Tote and I absolutely love ALL of my items. Let me show y’all my little haul. Please excuse my non-scenic backdrop. This is simply a try-on, so I chose the authentic approach. Mmmkay? We’ll just pretend I’m on Rodeo Drive, in front of Starbucks, the yoga studio… whatever.

Floral Fever Blouse

I’m trying to add more blouses to my wardrobe for a more mature look. I’m more of a t-shirt gal and I love tops that stretch. Blouses usually make me nervous because I don’t like to be restricted in my clothing. The Floral Fever blouse was absolutely perfect; not too tight, not too loose. It was a bold choice for me being that I don’t wear red. The pattern when I saw it in person honestly reminded me of something my grandmother used to wear and my husband commented that it looked like something my 60+ year-old mother would wear. The shade was thick, y’all. But after I layered on my accessories, I looked youthful again. LOL

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Top c/o Golden Tote | Bag c/o Avber | Shoes c/o Shopbop

Braid My Day Maxi Dress

The second item that I chose was the Braid My Day maxi dress. I love me a good maxi dress. It’s an effortless way to dress during those warm months. This dress is 95% rayon, 5% spandex so it’s flowy and breezy just like this dress. I didn’t have any coral in my closet, so I’m excited to add that popular pantone to my wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear it with my Crocs Leigh II wedges.

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Dress c/o Golden Tote | Necklace | Watch

And now, for the pieces that my stylist, KB, chose for me…

I filled out my style profile with my measurements and notes letting my stylist know that I prefer boho, casual, and trendy styles.

Potters Pot Button Maxi Skirt

This skirt made me a liiittle nervous. I find skirts difficult to style especially with diastasis recti from having three babies. I prefer to throw on a flowy dress in lieu of skirts, but I’m here for trying new things. I guess I am just used to wearing skirts on my waist line, but I realized I could pull the band above the pooch and voila no awkward gut resulting in folks wondering if I’m carrying baby number four. Because no. Just no. This skirt speaks to my boho soul and it has pockeeeets!

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Be Kind Tee c/o Doc Shorty | Skirt c/o Golden Tote

THML Bib Front Tank

To fulfill my requests for boho once more, my stylist came through with the THML Bib Front Tank. I LOVE it… because earth tones and ethnic print. I’m going to see if I can find a long sleeved shirt to layer under it for the fall. It’s too gorgeous to only wear spring-summer.

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Tank c/o Golden Tote | Sandals | Bag

Gilli Printed Dress 

The Gilli dress is eeeverything. It’s going to be a great piece to wear this fall with leggings and boots. I love, love, love my earth tones, 3/4 sleeves, A line dresses, and stretchy material. This dress is super comfortable. The top of the dress is lined with a heather grey viscose and the bottom is lined with a slip. This dress is so so perfect.

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Golden Tote Review | Sophistishe

Dress c/o Golden Tote | Leggings c/o Forever 21 | Boots c/o Dansko

Golden Tote. I highly recommend it. Each piece is about $30 which is not bad when sparingly sprucing up your wardrobe. In addition to purchasing 1 of the 3 tote options, you can also add additional items to your tote for a discount. It’s easy to get addicted because everything is so ridiculously cute. I know what I want for my birthday!

Girl, try Golden Tote, today!

  1. The Mini Tote:  Contains two items; one you choose and another we pick for you for $59
  2. The Golden Tote:  Contains five items; two you choose and three we will pick for $149
  3. The Surprise Tote:  Contains three items, all of which our stylists pick for you for $89

New totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9AM PST. What are you waiting for? Treat yoself! Not happy with your items? Return them within 14 days or sell/trade within the Golden Tote Trading FB Group!

This post is a collab with Golden Tote. I received a complimentary tote to share on the blogdiggity.

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  • Tabitha September 20, 2016 at 11:27 PM

    Super cute! I love that pink dress. I love personal styling subscriptions because I love being surprised!

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  • Kristin September 20, 2016 at 6:56 PM

    You got some great pieces! Makes me want to try out Golden Tote again. I just love that maxi skirt on you!

    View Comment
  • Lenze September 19, 2016 at 12:22 PM

    I love all the tops! Really cute. I will check Golden Tote for sure.

    View Comment
  • laura londergan September 19, 2016 at 12:09 PM

    oh wow so many f these look absolutely great on you. I love that pink dress though as the cut is so much fun and looks super comfy 😉

    View Comment
  • Toughcookiemommy September 18, 2016 at 4:53 PM

    The printed dress is so beautiful and really looks great on you. All of these outfits just look amazing on you and are perfect for a variety of occasions.

    View Comment
  • Donah September 17, 2016 at 8:00 PM

    I’ve heard so much about this box (tote) and you might have convinced me to try them out! I totes agree that the last piece is so pretty and so fall-ish

    View Comment
  • Amber Nelson September 17, 2016 at 7:08 PM

    Wow, that dress is amazing. I have never heard of this company. I definitely am going to check it out now.

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  • Melanie Frost September 17, 2016 at 3:04 PM

    I’m really feeling that Gilli printed dress. Since I’m only 5 feet tall, I can’t pull off maxis, but that dress is right up my alley.

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  • Taylor Mobley September 17, 2016 at 2:38 PM

    Ok..could you be any cuter?! My gosh! I love that bag and I love your outfit SO much!

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  • Mrs. AOK September 17, 2016 at 11:13 AM

    Ohhhh!! I love it!! That Gilli dress is EVERYTHING!! You totally made the top youthful, but I guess I could kind of see what your husband was saying. You and your style totally make that top something I’d want in my closet.

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  • Brittany September 14, 2016 at 6:40 PM

    Oh my darling, I LOVE alllll of these on you but especially that last piece. It’s so beautiful and so you. You look fabulous in it!

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