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Five Celebrity Wedding Rings that Will Inspire Your Big Day

Image by fedil from Pixabay

We always look at celebrities as our role models and our inspiration. We emulate them in every way possible, mostly their lifestyle and their fashion. However, our low budget does not always allow us to get everything right, but still, close enough. 

One of the things people get inspiration from celebrities is weddings. People try to recreate their favourites celebrity wedding by trying to use similar wedding themes, similar dress style, and similar wedding ring styles. 

While the price of celebrity wedding rings could be sky-high, some celebrities announced their style with affordable yet classy wedding rings, and they could be a guide of what style of wedding or engagement ring to have.

Here are some of the five best wedding rings that could inspire your occasion.


Meghan Markle’s Ring-$350,000

Meghan is an inspiration to many modern women, and they will try to recreate the themes of her royal wedding. One f the significant highlights of the wedding is her 4.5-carat diamond ring. Two of the three diamonds featuring on this ring are from Princess Diana’s collection. This ring that costs about $ 350, 000 could inspire a wedding ring due to its unique feature of a centre diamond and two side diamonds.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Ring-$100,000

Jennifer got engaged to her lover Cooke Maroney. She got an emerald cut diamond that is a timeless classic that features a four-carat centre stone in a white platinum setting. The value estimate of the ring is between $100,000 and $250,000. This ring is a timeless classic that will complement your wedding or engagement and make you a standout.

Princess Eugenie’s Ring-$50,000

This ring is the most affordable on this list. The ring that looks like the engagement ring of Eugenie’s mother features an oval padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds. This ring gives off a princess-like royalty look, and it complements any wedding theme.

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Priyanka Chopra’s Ring-$300,000

Priyanka’s ring is a popular style in the modern-day jewellery industry. The ring she got from her lover Nick Jonas is a cushion-cut diamond set on platinum and has diamonds on each side. The three-stone setting used on the ring is a popular style you can use on your wedding day or engagement.

Hailey Baldwin’s Ring-$500,000

Hailey’s engagement ring is a solitaire with a double yellow gold band. The oval cut solitaire diamond ring that is believed to be about 4-10 carats costs about $500,000. This ring was custom made to complement the centre stone and meet Hailey’s requirement of a band with diamonds.

Getting Inspired

These celebrity rings will inspire you to go to your jewel maker and get your ring. When you want something that matches your style and personality and when you are unsure what style to choose from, you can always look at your favourite celebrity’s ring and be inspired. They are timeless classics that offer more than just style; they are beautifully authentic, complement any wedding dress style or wedding theme, and make you a standout.

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