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Five Fun Things To Do With Your One Year Old

New motherhood is quite possibly the best thing that could ever happen in life – it’s about on par with a lottery win. But every parent has to face the facts at some point that motherhood can be, well, boring.


New moms the world over know how repetitive and mind-numbing the early days of babyhood are. You spend much of your time trapped inside in a cycle of feed, burp, change, repeat, and while the endless diapering and snatching ten-minute naps here and there is what you expect as a mother, it’s not the way to live life as a new parent. Boredom striking is going to happen at some point, but too much of it and not enough fun can allow for the baby blues to develop into something far worse.


A tiny baby can easily make you feel overwhelmed and stretched, but a toddler is far more interactive and fun! So, let’s take a look at five fun activities that you could be doing with your one-year-old today.

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Pack A Picnic

How beautiful is it outside right now? Packing up some delicious food and heading to your local park with a blanket is not just about giving your little one a taste of the grass – hello, sensory play – but it’s also about you having some much-needed fresh air.

Update The Playroom

Tiny babies often only have a small play gym and some soft sensory toys. The top toys for 1-year-olds often involve more musical, interactive toys with a lot of colors. Of course, you could go down the route of wooden toys only, but either way, your toddler needs more stimulation than a soft puppet and a bear.

Go Swimming

Not only is swimming an essential skill for any child, but it’s also an excellent chance for you and your baby to bond together. Skin to skin in the water while your baby experiences the magic of the water for the first time is something every parent needs to experience at least once.

Get Crafty

The best thing about toddlers – and the worst thing – is that they get into EVERYTHING. So, instead of despairing while they pull apart your drawers, why not buy a big box and fill it with crafty activities for you both to do together? It’s great for sensory play, and it’s fun – especially if you do your crafts in the garden. No messy cleanup!

Plan Some Days Out

The zoo, the garden center, the soft play – all of these places are great for a walk with your baby. They can take in the sights with you, get interested in animals and in gentle, soft play fun. It gives you a chance to get out of the house, and you can spend quality time making memories together.


You do not have to be stuck inside just because you have a little one – take the time to plan to have fun together, and you won’t feel boredom as much.

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