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Five Ways to Cool Down in Jamaica

Are you planning on visiting Jamaica? It is a beautiful place full of a range of experiences. You can see luxury and poverty, peace and conflict, as well as beauty and ugliness. One thing that remains constant about Jamaica is its weather. Even in the coldest months of the year, the island nation remains warm. When you are planning a trip to Jamaica, it might be in the summer. Whatever time of year you plan to go, it’s inevitable that you will need to find ways to cool down at some point. Below are five ways to cool down while you’re in Jamaica.

Go Into the Ocean

Of course, the obvious solution is the ocean. This island nation has many beaches and places to access the water surrounding the country. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the ability of locals to access the beaches, but tourists usually have no time finding a beach where they can soak in the sun and cool off in the water. You are probably coming to Jamaica in part for its beaches. When you’re feeling hot, simply walk into the ocean and swim. It will cool you down and soothe your soul.

Jump in the Pool

Another similar option is finding a pool to jump into. If you are coming to Jamaica on vacation, the hotel or resort you are staying at likely has a pool. Have you booked your accommodations yet? Find a place that has a great pool. You will get hot even just walking around. When it is time to cool off and get the sweat off your body, a pool is a great way to do that quickly. Jump in before showering. Don’t dry off and stay wet, allowing you to remain cool. Depending on your plans, jumping in a pool is a great way to cool off and mitigate the heat.

Have a Cold Drink

Having a drink is another great way to cool off in Jamaica. The rum is flowing in this beautiful island nation and many cocktails can be made from it. There are plenty of juices and cold non-alcoholic beverages. When you are feeling the heat of the day, sit down for a cold beverage. Wherever you are in Jamaica, you should be able to find a place to sit down and have a drink that cools you off. These establishments will usually have fans. Whether it’s a café, a bar, or a restaurant, grabbing a cold drink is an amazing way to keep off the heat.

Find Frozen Treats

Like drinks, frozen treats will cool you off very well. Whether you are going for a frozen fruit concoction, a smoothie, ice cream, yogurt, or vodka freeze pops, there are plenty of options for a tasty and cooling frozen treat. Nothing is better than having a delicious ice cream cone on a hot day in Jamaica. If sweet isn’t your thing, no problem. You will be able to find the perfect frozen option for you and everyone you are with.

Go to a Place with Fans and Misters

Since it is so hot in Jamaica, there are plenty of establishments that have an array of fans and misters. Some of the most popular places to cool down are restaurants and bars atop cliffs. Not only do they have fans and misters spreading cool water around the establishment, but they also get the cool breeze from the ocean. When you are miserable and hot, ask the concierge where there is a good restaurant or bar that focuses on cooling its patrons off.

Jamaica is an amazing place. The heat shouldn’t discourage you. One of the best feelings in the world is cooling off in this beautiful island country. Still, you should try your best to interact with the locals in a genuine way. It’s so easy to spend all your time in an air-conditioned resort. Experience the heat the way the locals do before cooling yourself off. There are many ways to escape the heat in Jamaica. Whether it’s jumping in the ocean or a pool, having a cold drink or treat, and going to places that can cool you off and provide refuge from the heat.


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