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Fisher Price Follow Me Thomas

“Wooo wooo!” is what Jayden exclaims as the train near our house passes by. Jayden loves trains, specifically Thomas and his friends. When we were offered the new Follow Me Thomas to evaluate, we were excited! Let me tell you, it exceeded our expectations! We have a few toys that are supposed to follow with the push of a button or on voice activation, but we can’t seem to take advantage of those features. The Follow Me Thomas though… awesome. It is not your typical remote-controlled toy for toddlers. It comes with a light-up lantern that when pointed on the ground, Thomas will follow it precisely and at an exceptional speed.

There are three buttons on the side of the lantern that activate programmed moves, including figure 8’s, circles, and zig zags. As Thomas follows the red light and does his special moves, he says interactive phrases and makes engine noises. Beware, he is on the loud side and he has no volume control. He also packs a loud thud when running into walls. Jayden is still learning how to point the lantern, but he still gets a major kick out of playing and talking with Thomas.

Follow Me Thomas is listed as one of the Top Toys in Walmart’s Holiday Catalog. I can honestly say that it has earned its spot.

BUY IT: $43.90

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