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Fresh Start: Healthy Food Additions

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To start off my fresh start for the new year challenge, I did a little shopping for some healthy foods that I would like to continue eating (and not forget about) this year. I’m trying to eat heathier so that I can feel healthier, with a burst of energy and a fresh mind. I’m also trying to bulk up a bit by gaining 10lbs (more on that in my next update & keep your side eyes to yourself). Eating right is the first step to achieving those goals.

Cereal & Vitamin D Milk – I just started eating cereal regularly a few months ago. For some reason I just stopped buying it. I love Malt-o-meal brand cereals. You get so much for the price. I eat a variety of flavors, but this time I chose the Frosted Mini Spooners. I don’t get down with low-fat milk, I need all of my nutrients, so I always buy Vitamin D for myself.

Yogurt – I enjoy yogurt, but it’s considered an “extra” on the grocery list and often it doesn’t make it into our cart. It seems like every yogurt is made to be low fat. Again, low-fat foods are my enemy, so I opted for Organic Stony Field Farms. Their yogurts are higher in calories and contain no artificial colors/ingredients.

Eggs – I rarely eat eggs (I bake with them) and I prefer them boiled (for breakfast). Eating an egg a day at breakfast time will add extra nutrients and protein (something I’m trying to get more of) to my regular diet.

Fruit Juices – I drink a lot of teas and I haven’t kicked my pop habit. I do opt for lime flavors and try to stay away from colas. Anyway, I thought some added fruit juices to my diet would be beneficial to me. That and increasing my water intake of course. I’ve been craving orange juice especially during breakfast, so I had to have it. The pomegranate cranberry juice was bought on the fly. It looked yummy… and it is!

Fresh Fruits – I love eating fresh fruits, but I buy it sparingly; a bussle of bananas here, two bananas there. It is better to eat your fruit than to drink it! Doing so is more beneficial to the body and I’m on team “benefit my body” so I will continue to stock up on fruits from now on. I bought myself a hanging fruit basket not only to keep the fruit off of our dining table, but to remind myself to eat and re-up on fruit. Oh, and because it’s cute :). Ahh! I just realized, I forgot oranges! Eh, maybe next shopping trip.

Romaine Lettuce & Collard Greens – I love eating salads and greens. Usually, I’ll forget to grab salad on a shopping trip because it’s considered an “extra”, and greens, I only have during holidays. So, I’ve decided to make these two fresh leaves priority on the grocery list.

This is just the first batch of foods I’m planning on adding to my diet. I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding more to this list in the future!

What foods are you trying to incorporate or eliminate into or from your diet this year?

I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with a gift card (for food & fitness equipment) and compensation to share my journey to healthier living with you as part of the Fresh Start Challenge. Participation is voluntary and as usual, all opinions are my own.

Alicia C.

Sunday 16th of January 2011

Get some wheat germ! You can mix it into any baked good, oatmeal, add some to breading for chicken fingers or fish, sprinkle it on peanutbutter sandwiches, and oh so many more things. It has lots of vitamin e, fiber, folic acid, and even a pretty good dose of protein for what it is. I love sprinkling it on top pf muffins before I put them in the oven. It toasts and has a nutty flavor. *Just remember not to buy the sweetened version if you want to use it in savory dishes, too!


Monday 17th of January 2011

I used to use wheat germ. I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder :).

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