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Fund Your Holiday Shopping With Swagbucks & Mobile Apps

Stack of Newly Designed U.S. One Hundred Dollar Bills Gift Wrapped in Red Bow.

Now that fall has officially begun it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays and rounding up wishlists from family members. For us holiday shopping can get a little stressful. See, I try to plan ahead of time, but we always find ourselves scrambling at the last minute because the way my bank account is set up… 😀 Obviously this isn’t a smart way to shop because if you’re not careful you either end up spending more on gifts for convenience or buying random gifts for the sake of having gifts to give. Either way involves spending extra money so it helps to budget and stash away cash ahead of time. I’m already planning to purchase a few gifts this month.


Aside from taking on a few extra clients around the holidays, I become more conscious of ways to save be it coupons, promos, or rewards programs. A few years ago I turned to Swagbucks to earn a little extra cash and have purchased clothing for the kids and little treats for myself with my earnings. I feel like I may be preaching to the choir, but for some Swagbucks may be a little well-kept secret. Swagbucks is an online site that allows users to earn points to purchase retailer gift cards. Ever since they launched in 2008, Swagbucks has helped millions of people earn free gift cards by doing things they’re already doing online. One sure fire way of grabbing yourself some extra points each day is by simply using the Swagbucks search engine. Say you want to research a specific gift for your kiddo, simply pull up the search engine on the Swagbucks website, type it in and earn points!


One of my favorite ways that I’ve found to earn SB’s is their new video watching feature, available on the Swagbucks TV mobile app. You have to watch 4 videos in a row to earn your SB but the beauty of this particular feature is that you can play the videos whenever you have downtime and it’ll keep playing, even if you have to step away for a moment to check on the little ones or start dinner. If you have a block of time where nothing requires your attention, you can watch videos for half an hour and the points really start adding up over time.


Since getting their start back in 2008, Swagbucks has gained 15 million users worldwide and has awarded over $95,000,000 in rewards to it’s members. So, if you’re anything like me and have been coveting a particular item online or are looking for a way to cut gift expenses in half this Christmas then Swagbucks is a great way to start. They offer rewards cards to retailers such as Walmart, Target, PayPal, Starbucks, Sephora and many more so you can earn SB to put towards a giftcard of your choice!


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