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Gaming Dos and Don’ts for 2022

Video gaming has become one of the primary pastimes in the modern world. Particularly after the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide forced many of us to stay in our homes for months on end, being able to play such a wide variety of digital games from the comfort of our desks or couches has changed daily life. 

Whether you are the type of casual gamer who likes to tap away at the screen of an iPhone while waiting in a queue or a hardcore gamer who spends hours immersed in the worlds of the game onscreen, here are a few basic gaming dos and don’ts to keep in mind for 2022.

Do: Invest in the best kit

No matter how you like to go about your gaming, having the most up-to-date and technologically capable gear is definitely going to enhance your experience. Studies have shown, for example, that the type of console a gamer uses when engaging with a video game significantly influences their enjoyment of it. 

If you want to be fully engrossed in the action, invest in a screen that will help you do so. For example, 24 inch Lenovo gaming monitors are a great add-on to any gaming computer to enhance your experience with the game. Sound is crucial, too: modern games are masterpieces of soundtrack and audio, so making sure your speakers are up to snuff will have a massive influence on your gameplay. 

For the more casual player, kit can be just as crucial. It’s hard to play your favorite iPhone or Android game with a cracked screen! Replacing your phone for the newest model can ensure its reactions are as quick as possible, so that every switch of a piece of candy is done at exactly the right moment. Keeping your phone updated is also crucial so that you never miss a new game feature.

Don’t: Be a jerk

Most of us remember the gamergate scandal of a few years back. This controversy highlighted the cruel ways in which gaming communities online were treating people who seemed to be different from them, whether it be women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, or people of color. 

While much progress has been made in the gaming world in the years since that scandal, it is still fairly common to come across unkindness or judgment when you become a gamer. 

This obviously applies to the more hardcore fan communities, some of whom have a very nasty reputation, but it also applies to folks who only dip in and out of gaming casually. Video gamers have long been stereotyped as a certain type of geek who has never seen the sunlight, but this is definitely no longer the case. Remember when moms went totally crazy on FarmVille

As a gamer in 2022, the best thing you can do is be kind, open, and welcoming to any person who enjoys playing a video game now and again. After all – these games are meant to be fun for all!


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