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Garden Sprouts, Finally!

It’s been over a month since we’ve started our seeds and well, it’s been a challenge with the weather not being so nice. In our heated germination station, I started cucumbers, peppers, summer squash, snow peas, tomatoes, and Jayden’s carrots and lettuce. The cucumbers thrived the best. I just knew we’d be enjoying plenty of cucumbers earlier than we did last year. Well, I transplanted them along with the peppers a day before getting a cold night and they didn’t survive. I jumped the gun.


Cucumbers are in the top left bin, peppers are top right, strawberries (Burpee) bottom right.

The tomatoes and squash never sprouted, so I had to restart them along with the cucumbers and peppers. The squash didn’t seem to do too well in the peat pods either. I transplanted one of them, which died the next day, so I planted the seeds straight in the pot this Wednesday. I also planted cucumbers and transplanted the second batch of pepper and tomato plants.

088 - Orion F-1 peppers

Orion F-1 Pepper

093 - tomatoes

Tigerella Tomatoes

I did have success with the carrots and snow peas. We have lots of little carrot sprouts. I purchased another pack of carrots to pair with the carrots Jayden started. The snow peas are also doing great. I planted a few more peas since it seems a few of them didn’t come up. They may have washed away or the birds may have gotten to them. Stinkers.


Short ‘n Sweet Carrots

087 - snow peas

Sugar Pod 2 Snow Peas

Oh, and how could I forget about the lettuce? They’re still in the window in the office with some green onion (I forgot I planted them before planting the lettuce)*. I’m debating if I’m going to leave them in the house and growing Garden Babies Lettuce, a heat resistant variety, outside. I haven’t been successful growing lettuce outside. It has always gone bad. What we have in the house is yummy, so I don’t want to ruin them.


I still have plans to plant chile peppers and a blueberry bush. I don’t care how many containers I have to sit out in the back, we are going to have a bountiful garden!


* Yes, I am of the scatterbrained variety. I’m not really working on it.

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