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Garden Update: Happy Carrots, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Hazelnut, Onions, and Lettuce

So there are quite a few goodies in our little garden that are thriving and a few that are taking their sweet ol’ time.

Check out the carrots. Hopefully they are doing just as well underneath the soil too.


It seems like the strawberry bush gets taller each day. I’ve picked one ripe berry. It was so sweet and yummy!


strawberries 050

It took a while, but the tomatoes are looking pretty good. We have tomatoes growing in two pots and Jayden’s Gravity Gro Station.


018 008_1

The Kids Gravity Gro Station was provided courtesy of Miracle-Gro. It’s like a miniature version of the Topsy Turvy only with an educational twist. It comes with seeds, soil, plant stake, pot, and gro chart to start the initial planting process. Since I had already started our tomatoes, I used one of our plants to fill the station.

The hazelnut nut tree I planted last year is really growing. It used to be a delicate little thing.


I planted these onions last Spring. They’re still going strong.

015 016

They’re starting to seed.

onion seed flower

The lettuce and onions in our window are doing great.

lettuce and onion

The snow peas were overachievers from the start, but some parts of the container are pretty bare. Not sure if the birds got to the seeds…

snow peas

The cucumbers are finally doing something. As you all may remember, the first batch I transplanted didn’t last. These I planted directly. I kept adding seeds because I was impatient. I’ll have to make them nice and neat once they get bigger, possibly transfer some to a new container.


The watermelon seem to be running on the same schedule as the cucumbers. Will repot once they get bigger.


Oh, and the squash have been on such a delay, I forgot to even photograph them. There’s two plants peeking out. I also went crazy reseeding them because they weren’t doing anything.



The green pepper are stunted. They may start thriving once the weather really starts getting hot. I’ve put so many seeds down in this container as well. I’ll have to fix the willy-nilliness once they get bigger.


So that concludes this garden update. I still have to plant the sweet pickle peppers, butter king lettuce, dwarf pomegranate tree, hens & chicks, candy lilies, sunflowers, and blueberry bush. I’ll probably get to that later today.


Sunday 30th of December 2012

You're inspiring me to reclaim our garden! The rats, birds, and bugs (not to mention stray cats using it as a litter box...uuggghh!) have taken over. I love how you did it all in containers, and it looks like you put a watering tube in too?


Friday 1st of June 2012

Wait - are ALL of your crops in containers? My kid has been talking about gardening a lot the past few weeks (she must've gotten it from school because Mama doesn't garden), and I've been thinking all along that I need to do some type of gardening with her. I'd rather not dig a place in the yard right now, so the ability to do all of this cool stuff in containers just might give me a bit more of a push.

What crop/flower would you suggest we start with at this time of the year (with absolutely no gardening experience)? And something a three year old would enjoy seeing...

So clueless over here!



Sunday 27th of May 2012

I had no idea you were gardening! (now that you're pregnant, I'll be lurking around here religiously) I'm inspired! I think I planted everything late, but everything is in raised beds. I have three square-foot gardens. All my herbs and the tomatoes will go in containers. I love this post.

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