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Gerber Jammies For Baby & Toddler

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What’s a baby’s wardrobe without layette from Gerber? Our drawers are full of the brand. We were sent a package of various items from Gerber and they’ve been coming in handy. If you follow me on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook, you’ve seen Jaxon in at least one Gerber item almost every day after his birth. The mittens stay in rotation since his little claws nails grow so fast.

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Gerber offers inexpensive basics that are must-haves for every baby as they are constantly going through clothing between spit-ups and changes. Gerber’s newest layette boys feature shades of blue, white, and orange, stripes, and truck prints/embroidery. I think their little gowns are adorable and love the built in cuffs to cover baby’s hands.

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What I didn’t know is that Gerber also offers PJ separates up to size 5T. Jayden received a few pairs of lightweight thermals which are available in monkey, dino, sports, and firetruck prints. I love that they aren’t too thick as he sweats easily at night.

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The boys look great in their Gerber gear. We will never tire of their practical apparel in fun prints we’ve all grown to love.

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