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Get Your Garden Ready For The Cooler Months!

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

With cooler months just around the corner, there is no better time to look out of your window and see your garden still full of life after the summer blooms. Nowadays, having a garden at home is a matter of lifestyle. Especially when the garden beautifies the house and adds value. Garden design is a complex process. Where do I start? How do I design it? What should I consider and how to make the best use of the space?

Below you will find answers to key questions regarding garden creation and everything you need to know to make your garden dream come true. Whether you want to invest or limit yourself financially, the result will be just as beautiful.  If you want to make a small garden look bigger, there are a few things to make the most of any space.

Limit the lawn

A green lawn beautifies every garden, visually unifying the spaces and giving a sense of luxury. You may think that letting the lawn grow makes the garden look more beautiful, but in a small space it gives the feeling of chaos. The more tidy the lawn, the healthier, neater and more comfortable the space looks. Otherwise, all the perimeters of the garden look anarchic and the functions are sabotaged. For example, you will not want the barbecue to be hidden from the lawn or the trees. This saves way for more plants! Look at Calloway’s Nursery for inspiration.

Invest in earthy colors

A small garden is not the most appropriate place to express all the love and weakness you have in bright green or red. This is because the bright colors give even more dimension to the space. A lighter and neutral color palette gives a calm and soft style to the space. Simple shades like white and gray for pillows are very good choices. Make the exterior of your home look like an extension of the interior making both spaces look bigger. To do this, incorporate elements such as pillows, cushions, and even rugs, if we are talking about a terrace.

Be sustainable

It is a natural process of producing fertilizer for the garden and pots from the organic waste of your kitchen and the vegetable waste of the garden. It is a very useful tool, especially in the early stages of gardening, however its price makes it prohibitive for many. To create your own compost, you need a bucket which you gradually fill with substances such as expired food, fruits, vegetables, grass, twigs, ashes, manure, etc. Maintaining proper levels of temperature, humidity and air, the composting is carried out and you end up with a fertilizer of about one third of the original volume. Compost is also ecological. Helps save water as it keeps the soil moist and recycles valuable materials.

Outdoor fireplace

Have you always dreamed of having an outdoor fireplace? It is not as difficult to build it yourself as you could have imagined. The choices of materials are innumerable. For example, you could use the classic Cypriot stone, which is ideal for a fireplace. The base of the interior of the fireplace could be made of sheet metal or even the interior of an old, large car tire. It is wonderfully accompanied by a semicircular bench around the fireplace, made of the same material, where you can spend endless hours with friends and family.

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