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Getting Things Done: Productivity Hacks For Home-Based Business Owners

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In many ways, working from home is the dream for many of us.

We can give up working for the man, opting instead for a life that doesn’t involve the daily commute, taking unfair orders, or inflexible working hours. These are upsides, all.

But there are downsides. We have already talked about taxes on this site, which can be a bane for many of us. Here’s the link. But then there is the problem of productivity (or lack of it), which can become an issue when we find ourselves getting distracted at home, or when we struggle to motivate ourselves. However, it is possible to be more productive and to get things done, hopefully without the need to work long into the night at the expense of our social and family lives.

These productivity hacks may be useful to you.

Dress professionally

Sure, you could work in your PJ’s all day, and we wouldn’t blame you if you did. If you don’t need to venture outside during the day, who’s going to notice? However, your slovenly appearance might affect your approach to work, so even though you don’t have to wear a suit or a pair of shoes, you might still consider it. According to this article, the way we dress can enhance our performance at work, so give it a go and see if it improves your day. And besides, you might also get a Skype call from an important client, so let that be another incentive to get out of your PJ’s and into your professional attire in the morning.

Set up your computer for productivity

Bookmark all of the pages you are going to need the night before, and have documents open and ready. Consider this article on how to do split screen on Mac to reduce the need to constantly switch pages and documents when you’re working. And set up a website blocker on your computer, so you aren’t tempted to waste time browsing the internet on those sites that aren’t relevant to your working day. With your computer set up for productivity, you should be able to work efficiently and to deadlines.

Create a to-do list

Many of us waste time by a) trying to remember everything that we need to do before starting work, and b) focussing on tasks that aren’t particularly important. You can alleviate both issues by creating a to-do list, preferably the evening before you start work the next day. There are loads of apps you can use for this purpose, although a piece of paper or a whiteboard are just as useful. Make sure you write down the time-sensitive tasks at the top of your list, so you get all of the important things finished first. This way, you won’t have to work long into the night trying to get your crucial tasks done, and anything unimportant left unfinished can be put on the list for the next day.

Take a break

You need to be careful with your break times as if you take one too many, your productivity is obviously going to suffer. However, you should still take a break for lunch and perhaps one other during the day, to give you the opportunity to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. A little bit of exercise can energize you, especially useful when you’re tired and flagging, and you should see your productivity improve as a consequence. Hydrate yourself too during your break time, and eat a superfood to further boost your productivity.

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