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Gift Giving Like A Minimalist

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

Minimalism as a way of life and movement has definitely been having a moment for the last few years, and with good reason! Choosing to live a more intentional lifestyle can make space in your home, heart, and mind for the things that truly matter. If you’ve already adopted minimalism or have to gift shop for a minimalist, you may find yourself in a bit of a quandary. What to get for the person who doesn’t really want or need any more clutter in their house? Or, if you’re the minimalist, you likely want to get something that is environmentally conscious, well made, and will benefit the recipient in some form. Let’s take a look at how to accomplish gift-giving minimalist style!

Think About The Recipient

Chances are unless this is a “Secret Santa” or “White Elephant” situation, you know the person you’re shopping for reasonably well. So, instead of going out and impulse buying something you think anyone would enjoy, take time to think about the receiver. Say it’s your spouse, and you two have been trying to conceive: try gifting this ovulation test kit complete with ovulation strips to help track you or your partner’s ovulation to improve your chances of conceiving. Maybe you’re shopping for a friend who deeply cares about the environment; consider making a donation to an organization that helps environmental causes in their name. Remember when naming a star after someone was all the rage? Well, guess what? It’s still a super cool gift to give, especially to younger kids who are into space. The bottom line is to take time to think about the recipient and provide them with something useful and meaningful.

Consumables Are Cool

That’s right; we’re talking about things we can eat and drink. Especially when shopping for other adults, the reality is, most of us have everything we truly want because we’ve already purchased it for ourselves. And, if we haven’t, it’s probably because it’s out of our budget at the current time. So, if it’s out of the recipient’s budget, that’s likely an extravagant gift that you’re not likely to want to spend the money on. Most adults love getting consumables as gifts because they’ll actually use them. So, consider gifting a nice bottle (or two) of wine, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant; you get the idea. These types of gifts are always appreciated more than tchotchkes that end up collecting dust or in a donation bin not long after they’re received.

Subscriptions Services 

Subscription services are often worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, the typical annual fee is around $100. Maybe you know the person you’re shopping for could really benefit from it, but they can’t justify spending that money. If it’s within your gift-giving budget, it’s an invaluable gift to give them. Maybe she’s a single mom whose time is very limited; perhaps they’re elderly and have trouble getting to and from the grocery store. Whoever you’re shopping for will likely be able to benefit on some level from a subscription being paid for them. Popular services are grocery, pet supplies, wine, even an Amazon Prime account. Whichever direction you decide to go in, they’ll be grateful.

Flat Out Ask 

Maybe you don’t want to waste time or money, you’re a go-getter, and that’s awesome! Just flat out ask who you’re shopping for what they need. The minimalist gift-giving style waits for no man! You’d be surprised at some answers you get. Squatty Potty? I got you. Diaper Bag? I got you. They may say they want nothing, and you can give them that too. The point is, especially if you’re a minimalist or someone conscious of budgets, there is no shame in the game of asking what someone’s needs are and only buying those.

Gift Your Time

Maybe you know someone that’s overwhelmed, dealing with a health crisis, or grieving. Whatever the reason, perhaps the gift they would most benefit from and appreciate is simply you’re time. You two may decide that time is best spent chatting and helping them work through things. Maybe they’ll ask you to tend to their garden or cook a meal or two. The gift of time is precious, so get giving!

It doesn’t matter if you or the gift recipient are followers of living a simpler lifestyle when you start giving gifts this way, you’ll see that not only do the recipients tend to appreciate the gifts more than traditional ones, but you as the giver feel more fulfilled because you know it’s something they’ll love or put to use. Enjoy the experience of shopping this way, and hopefully, you stick to it!

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