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Gifts you Can Give that Don’t Cost the Earth

Photo by Jill Burrow from Pexels

It can be hard buying gifts for people, especially if you want to give them a gift that shows you care. There are lots of things you can buy, but sometimes these items just don’t show how you feel. The items you may have been looking at are probably mass-produced in another country, so they are probably not very eco-friendly either. If you want to give a gift they will love that is more personal, then here are some ideas.

Flowers & Chocolates 

Flowers and chocolates may not seem like the most inspiring gift you can send to someone; however, they are one of the more universally loved gifts to receive and are sure to help brighten up the recipient’s day. With these goods, there are options to make them a bit more special though, such as choosing a chocolate gift set that includes all your friend’s favorite flavors or creating a flower arrangement that’s personalized to your recipient, using the language of flowers to help you craft a message to them.

Make a Gift Hamper

You can create your own gift hamper for the recipient, which is better than the store-bought options and are a lot more personal. When you create the hamper, think about what the recipient enjoys. What hobbies do they have, what interests do they enjoy, and what do they enjoy doing in their free time. For example, do they enjoy vaping, if so then you can get lots of items from Vape CBD World. Perhaps they enjoy a glass or two of wine; in this case, you could add a gift voucher for a visit to a vineyard or a wine tasting class. The best thing about making up your own gift hampers is that you can put in exactly what you want and spend how much you want.

Give your Time

As cliché as this sounds, you can give one of the best gifts around that doesn’t cost lots of money: your time. A lot of gifts that are given are to make up for the time you cannot spend with that loved one or friend. So as an alternative to hitting the stores, why not free up a little bit of time on your calendar to spend some time with the recipient of your “gift.” Whether this is a good catch up over dinner or a catch up over a cup of coffee, the idea is that the time spent between you is a gift, and so with this in mind, never underestimate how important your time is to other people.

TOP TIP: If you still want to hit the stores, then that is fine, just remember to shop as responsibly and eco-friendly as you can. Quite often, you can find producers or manufacturers of eco-gifts, including soaps, hampers, and even clothing that give back to the environment through donations, so it is worth keeping an eye out for these when you are shopping.

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