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Giving Love Consciously

It is so easy to slip into a routine. There is nothing wrong with the routine. You are happy, your partner is happy, and everything is ticking along just so. But when it comes to really ‘being there’ and ‘in it’, are you? 

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

What does it mean to give love consciously? 

Most people grow and evolve over time, and when you are part of a couple – you will both be doing that. As individuals and as a couple. It means that as you are growing, evolving and learning more about you, you go more in-depth with your partner. Commit to their growth, as well as your own. 

To really understand them, and what they need. And you and what you need too. Being conscious of the changes, the progress, and what it means for you both. 

Self Respect

Self-respect is something you need to have plenty of. It will be your guide for how much you give and take. This doesn’t mean putting what you want and needs first, but rather than you know when something makes you not feel good. Honouring when you are emotionally or mentally settling for less than we need. Making the right choices in our partner is just as essential for us as it is them. 

Love Language

There is a lot of hype about love language. But if you know how you need to be supported, and what really speaks to you, then you can help your partner give you what you need. And, in return, you should learn theirs too. It might be about communication, it could be about gifts, it might be about loading the dishwasher without being asked. 

There are five love languages, and when you understand yours, and your partners, you can work together and providing the right support and care for each other. 

Be Loving

This might sound simple, but actually, it can be the hardest thing. Many of us have a knee-jerk reaction to something. But instead, if you take a moment and ask yourself ‘what would love do here?’ – you might react in a different way. 

This is a lot about accepting when areas of your relationship need some care. Knowing when you or your partner are feeling undervalued – and why. Showing up when it matters, no matter how minor it might be. 


While it is essential that you get what you need to thrive in a relationship, it is vital to give too. Time is one of the critical elements in giving, but emotional support, mental space, and actively listening to your partner too. 

Big and Small

There aren’t just big gestures in a relationship. Although you might be getting ready to get a yes from your partner on something like an engagement or a big move, remember the little details. A coffee prepared to go in the morning. Tidying up when needed. Filling the tank on the car. Small and simple acts of service that are appreciated and make each other’s day run smoother. 

Commit To Love

Love can be big and scary and all-consuming. But it can also shine a light on the darkest parts of you and force you to grow in unexpected ways. You can’t consciously love if you aren’t;t open to it in the first place.

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