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Giving Yourself an Internal Makeover

Photo by nappy from Pexels

When we think about the term “makeover,” it’s only applied externally. But when we want to improve how we look on the outside, we have to go beyond the skin. When it gets to the point that we are obsessed with changing our looks, what is the reason behind this? It all stems from our own thoughts, feelings, and potential insecurities. But when we look at changing ourselves, an internal makeover is far more effective. How do we begin this process?

Look at Your Weaknesses

It’s not easy to address these components, especially in terms of our psyche. But before we can get to this we can address our predilection to ailments. And we can do this by paying attention to the parts of our body and sensations that feel less than 100%. We all feel foggy or lethargic on occasion, but if this is a constant thorn in your side, it’s important to get to the root of this. When we finally begin to focus on why we feel like this and fix these things, we will feel a better quality of life, which means that we will feel happy that as a result. You may feel that there’s an aspect of your physicality that is part and parcel of aging. Perhaps you feel anxious in certain situations. When you start to pinpoint the weaknesses you have taken the first step towards solving them. 

With something like stress or anxiety, having the right supplement can make a big difference. Suppliers like Penguin CBD provide CBD oil which appears to be one of the more exciting supplements on the market. But this is something that many people feel is too much of an investment. But if you invest in the right things that fix your health you will feel so much better which makes it worth the investment. Another example is MCT oil. When you deprive your body of essential fats, this can have a negative effect on every aspect of your life. We’ve spent so long listening to the fact that fat is bad, but now the pendulum is swinging in the other direction. And something like MCT oil, which is pure good fat, can give you the energy you need to get through a day. Fix the bits that don’t quite work and you will feel the benefits.

Practice Mental Strength

If you feel that your self-confidence is at a low so you’ve got to understand how being mentally strong can benefit your life. If we feel that we’re always in a position of weakness or not in control of our lives, we will never feel a sense of balance. Practicing mental strength is a fantastic tool. And while many people believe that you either have the mental strength or you don’t, you have to remember that everybody has learned coping techniques and strategies to get to where they are today. We aren’t meant to be in one position on the pecking order. This is why we need to practice mental strength using techniques like mindfulness or positive self-talk. 

Positive self-talk is one of those incredibly interesting tactics that need to be practiced more widely. This is something that many athletes do, as well as politicians and entertainers. And it comes from the idea that we can retrain our thoughts to be more confident. When you encounter people that have a supreme sense of confidence, it’s unlikely they were born with it, but they learned how to play the tape in their mind that tells themselves they are unstoppable. If you can start to practice mental strength through something like Tony Robbins’ “five to thrive”, you will feel an incredible sense of strength. We always hear about the fact that it is “mind over matter” and when we are mentally strong, we feel better in every aspect of our lives.

Look for the Fun

If you feel your capabilities are somewhat limited in life if you’ve been worn down for so long is it because you don’t find things fun anymore? We need to remember that we have to have fun on occasion. And so many people have forgotten the importance of play and enjoyment. Right now we are all feeling somewhat overwhelmed because of the situation that’s going on in the world. But when we look at what our children are doing, they are still making the most of playtime. And we can learn something from children. While we’re spending a lot of time trying to protect them from what is going on we still have to remember that life is for fun and enjoyment. When we start to look for the fun we will feel better about ourselves, but we will also remember that not everything is so serious.

Take the opportunities where you can to play. As we get older, we find ourselves bound by pressures and responsibilities that we forget how to enjoy ourselves. Having a bit of fun in our lives will benefit our mental health in ways that we can’t possibly comprehend. Whether it’s having a little bit of what you fancy like a burger or some ice-cream, taking the opportunity to run around arms flailing feeling free of responsibilities, or just not caring what other people think of you, you need to cast off the cobwebs every now and again. We can spend so long feeling that we have to be some sort of mature serious adult, this only serves to harden us up. When we start to rediscover the importance of play, especially later on in our adulthood, we will feel that our lives went down a certain avenue that didn’t benefit us. Learning to play and enjoy is one of the most rejuvenating practices that anybody can ever undergo. 

If you want to change how you feel about yourself on the outside you need to go inwards. When we start to realize that we’ve spent our lives being obsessed with certain aesthetics, we can feel frustrated that we didn’t “see the light” sooner, but it is far better to learn a lesson late than not at all.

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