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Going Away: What About Fido?

There are so many people out there who go on vacation and have pets. Some people can take their pets with them, but others don’t have the luxury. There are plenty of advantages to taking your pet on vacation, but there is something to be said about a breakaway without your pooch for a change. For example, if you want to head on an adventure vacation or a cruise? You can’t really bring the dog for that!

So, you need solutions. You want to be able to bring the dog, but this time it’s just not happening. You have choices, though! There are options in front of you, and it’s about assessing which would be best for your pet pooch. Dogs are not allowed into the majority of hotels unless they are a service dog, and there are only so many vacations you want to take that “must” be dog friendly. So, with that in mind, let’s check out your options for Fido while you travel.

Image Source: Pexels

The Local Vet

Did you know that some veterinarians offer the chance to board your pet? If you have a particularly old or sick pooch, it’s one of the best options available to you. You can have your animal staying with others that need some medical care and attention, and you can ensure that your sick pet is looked after properly.

The Dog Sitter

Local dog sitters and walkers often offer services that aren’t too expensive to keep your dog happy, healthy and entertained. Their routine will largely remain the same, and they’ll get excellent care, also. You can rely on someone you know, which is the best part about a dog sitting service, and you can ensure that you choose someone that your dog already knows and likes. This is the best part about a dog sitter: their routines are going to be as happy as always. The problem with a pet sitter is that they can be expensive, but if you plan for this in advance you and your pup will be fine.

The Boarding Service

One of the most popular options for your dog, while you are away, is a dog boarding service. Knowing you are leaving your dog in the hands of professionals for the time that you are away is a big deal. You can feel assured that your pet was being walked, rested and fed well. You need to get as many recommendations as possible before you do this, though. Reviews from real people will help you out massively, and you can ensure that you are choosing the right service for your budget, too.

A Good Friend

If you have a friend who knows your dog well, choose them for your dog. You need your dog to feel happiness: it’s essential to their health and wellbeing. If you can choose a friend that understands your dog and your dog feels comfortable with them, you are hitting the jackpot. A good friend can keep you updated on their happiness, too, which will help you to relax while you’re away!


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