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Going on Vacation? How to Keep Your Dog Happy While You are Away

Planning a vacation is a fun activity, and you may be looking forward to getting away for a well-deserved break and plenty of relaxation. But, you may have one concern at the back of your mind; making sure your pet dog is taken care of while you are away. Leaving your pet behind while you enjoy a week away can be a worry, and you may be concerned about how they will deal with the separation. Read on to find out how to put your mind at ease and ensure your dog has the best time while you are on vacation:

Find Suitable Care

Choosing where to leave your dog while you are away is the biggest decision you will need to make about the care of your pet. You need to feel confident your pet is well looked after in a safe and caring environment. Choosing Dog Boarding accommodation is an excellent way to make sure your pet has fun while you are away and enjoys a vacation of their own. When choosing dog boarding accommodation, it is vital to look at reviews and, if possible, visit them beforehand to reassure yourself it is the best place for your pet to stay. Knowing your four-legged friend will be looked after well will help you both feel more relaxed about the separation.

Spend Time With Your Dog

In the days running up to your vacation, you may be busy packing and making your final travel arrangements. However, it is crucial you still spend plenty of time with your dog before you leave. If your pet feels ignored before you go away and then gets left in a new environment for a couple of weeks, they may feel abandoned and insecure. Giving your dog attention before you go away should provide the reassurance they need that they are loved and will reinforce your bond.

Don’t Forget to Pack for Your Dog

While the boarding kennel facility may supply every item your dog will need during their stay, you may also want to pack some familiar items to make your pet more comfortable. Packing their blanket is a good idea as it will be full of the familiar scent of home, which should help your pet feel calmer while you are away, especially during the night when they are trying to get to sleep.

It is also advisable to pack your dog’s usual food for them to eat while they are away. Switching to a different dog food may cause your pet to experience stomach upsets and discomfort. Sticking with the same food provides another chance to maintain some familiarity and ease their anxiety.

Make a List

Like humans, every dog has their own personality and preferences of what they like and do not like. Letting the boarding kennels know in advance about your dog’s usual routine, what they enjoy doing, and what scares them will help the caregivers understand your dog better and relate to them more effectively during their stay.

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