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Thanksgiving Gratitude Leaf Garland


I’ve been having a little trouble decorating for Thanksgiving since my mind transitions from Halloween to Christmas. Since I’ve already started decorating for Christmas, I wanted to create a Thanksgiving piece that would be seasonally appropriate and wouldn’t clash. Inspired by Blissfully Content‘s paper leaf garland, I decided to put my own spin on it by adding some sparkle, feathers, and gratitude. This craft was incredibly simple and it looks great in our living room. It’ll be hard to take down. I just may leave it up until Spring rolls around. I love it that much.


All materials can be found at Walmart.
Kraft paper
Brown construction paper
Gold metallic crayon
Gold glitter glue
Hot glue gun



1. Create a leaf template using construction paper or cardstock. Draw a larger leaf measuring 5 1/2 x 2 inches and a smaller leaf measuring 1 x 2 1/2 inches. The larger leaf template will be used for the kraft paper leaves and the smaller leaf template for the construction paper leaves. After tracing and cutting out all leaves, gather the smaller leaves to be decorated.

2. Fill each of the smaller leaves with something you or a family member is thankful for. Lightly color over the leaves with a gold metallic crayon and brush a light coat of gold glitter glue on top. While the smaller leaves are drying, move on to gluing the kraft paper leaves together.

3. Glue three kraft paper leaves together at the base. Dab the lower back edge of the triple leaf with hot glue. Place it on twine, pinching the base to insure adhesion. Stagger each triple leaf an inch or so apart. Repeat this process until you run out of leaves.

4. Once the base for the garland is complete, decorate it with the smaller gold leaves and feathers. How you do this is entirely up to you. I slid mine in between each triple leaf and adorned the sections with feathers. Oh, don’t forget the glue. 😉

You may choose to cut out a few more leaves if you desire a larger garland. After photographing this tutorial, I decided to double my garland to span the length of our living room window.



So there you have it, an easy craft and token of gratitude that can be displayed year ’round. We are grateful for family, our home, my baby, our marriage, our home business, friends, options, yummy food, and good health – among many other things! Happy Thanksgiving!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Wednesday 27th of November 2013

I love it! What a great idea and so beautifully executed.


Friday 29th of November 2013


Kim @ What's That Smell?

Monday 25th of November 2013

I love this idea, so pretty! We usually end up skipping Thanksgiving decorations too but I wish we didn't.


Tuesday 26th of November 2013

Thanks! Here's to a new tradition!

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