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Great Days Out For Kids Who Love Animals

Interaction with animals is extremely important to developing young minds. It teaches them empathy while also helping them to gain an understanding that human beings are not alone on this planet. We share the world with a plethora of other species and it’s up to us to share the planet responsibly and make decisions as consumers that will promote harmony between people and the animals of the land, air and sea. Plus, let’s be honest… Animals are adorable. Even if your kids are lucky enough to grow up with family pets, it still behoves parents to plan fun activities involving animals to ensure that your kids grow up with a love and respect for the animal kingdom and nature in general.

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WIth this in mind, here are some great ideas for days out involving animals. They’ll have a lot of fun and they might just learn something, too!


Pony trekking


Human beings have nurtured a harmonious relationship with their equine friends for centuries. While we have used horses as beasts of burden and transportation for hundreds of years, we have always had an emotional connection to our horses, and studies show that horses and ponies never forget their human friends. When riding horseback it’s impossible not to feel an affinity for the creature who carries you on his or her back.


Pony rides are a great way to introduce kids to the wonders of riding, grooming and spending time with our equine friends. It teaches kids a lot about patience, compassion and how to communicate effectively with animals.


Bird watching


The bird kingdom is full of beautiful and fascinating creatures with glorious songs and complicated social dynamics. Watching birds is not only a great way to learn about these wonderful creatures without impinging upon their habitat, it also has a range of benefits for kids. Again, it teaches them patience while also teaching them the importance of focus and concentration. Moreover, spending time in the open air and among nature is a great way to relax and relieve stress.  


Petting zoo


Petting zoos are great because not only do they create an immersive and multisensory experience for kids, they teach kids a lot about how to behave responsibly around animals. They teach kids how to handle animals properly and how to compose themselves in ways that will not harm or frighten the animals in their care. This will help them to better understand our obligation to animals and the natural world. It teaches kids that while we may enjoy a special relationship with the animals around us, we owe it to them to be kind, gentle and respectful with them.


Safari parks


It’s one thing to see an animal in captivity, it’s another to see it roaming wild in its own habitat (or at least the closest possible approximation to their own habitat). Safari parks allow kids to see the way in which animals behave in the wild while also teaching them the value of patience and persistence.


What will you do with your animal loving kids next weekend?


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