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Great Stocking Stuffers for Your Family

Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels

Great Stocking Stuffers for Your Family

Now is the time to start gathering stocking stuffers for your family. Fortunately, there are many different types of items that you can buy for mom, dad, and kids. Here are seven great stocking stuffers that your family members will enjoy.

Gift Cards

Every one of your family members will love a gift card in their stocking. There are many types of gift cards available. You can choose a gift card for a restaurant, store or movie theater chain. One of the nice things about gift cards is that there tends to be a wide range of denominations available to choose from. What this means is that you can find a gift card that will fit the dollar amount that you want to spend.


Because most jewelry is small in size, it makes for a great gift to put in a stocking. You can choose a necklace for mom, watch for dad or even a bracelet or earrings for the kids. Just make sure that you place these types of items in a jewelry box before putting them in a stocking. This will keep them from getting broken when you are moving the stocking around.


All of your family members can probably use new underwear. You can easily roll up each pair so that they will easily fit in each stocking. A pack of men’s underwear made in USA for dad can be just the thing he needs. Socks are another option to consider.


If you are looking for a stocking stuffer that is both entertaining and educational, you should consider books. No matter how old the recipient is, you can find a book that they will love. When choosing a book, think about what the recipient really likes. You can choose everything from crime novels to love stories.

Small Toys

There are all sorts of small toys that you can put in your child’s stocking. Toy cars and small blocks make for great gifts. You may be able to even fit coloring books and crayons in their stocking as well. No matter how old your children are, you can probably find a toy to put in their stockings that they will love.

Electronic Items

Your family members will be very surprised to receive an electronic item in their stocking. You can choose something elaborate like a new cell phone or a simpler gift like a pair of new earbuds. You really can’t go wrong when you put these types of gifts in a stocking.


Your family members probably each have their own favorite type of candy. You can make their day by putting it into their stocking. For items that are soft and can get squashed easily, you need to put them on the top.

In conclusion, you should make it a point to fill your family member’s stockings with things that they will love. All of the stocking stuffer ideas mentioned above are sure to be a hit with each of your family members. By taking the time to put thought into each stocking stuffer, your family members will know that you went above and beyond to really make their holidays special this year. 

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