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Green, Clean, & Comfy With Seventh Generation

sustainability challenge

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I am in my fourth and final week of my sustainability challenge. Of course this doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop here. I will continue this conversation as I make changes in our home and as I discover new products and ideas. You may have noticed that I mentioned that Seventh Generation sent me products in the disclaimers I’ve posted in each of my posts. I wanted to make this challenge less about the products and more about the changes we’ve made in our home, which is why I saved my product experience for last. I love that Seventh Generation’s products are free of harmful chemicals and they list all of their ingredients smack dab on their packaging. Here’s a highlight of some of the products that really impressed us with a corresponding video at the end:

Disinfectant Wipes, Multipurpose Spray, & Bathroom Cleaner – I have always used Lysol because the thought of having potentially hazardous bacteria growing in our home gave me the creeps. I did, however, feel a little guilty grabbing the product off of the grocery shelf because it has some pretty potent stuff in it. I honestly didn’t believe there’d ever be an eco-friendly disinfectant other than hot water. And then, Seventh Generation came along with their line of disinfectants; the wipes, the multi-purpose spray, and bathroom cleaner. These cleaners are made with herbs and botanical oils such as thyme oil. Who would have known thyme could be used as a disinfectant? The only downside to the Seventh Generation disinfectants is their smell. I cannot explain the smell, but it’s very herbal, which makes sense. Maybe I can alter it a bit by mixing some lemon juice into the cleaners. But what’s a slightly unpleasant smell when the product isn’t harming my family or the environment?

Dishwashing Tabs – I have been fighting with my dishwasher for quite some time. It seemed the dishes NEVER got clean when using liquid detergent. I switched to some detergent tabs which did end up saving the day, but I was unsure of what ingredients were used to make them. Seventh Generation lists all of the ingredients in their tabs on the package and they work just as good as the others I had been using. I do continue splashing some vinegar in during the rinse cycle to reduce spots and water build-up.

Training pants – Seventh Generation’s diapers have always been a favorite in our household, and their training pants don’t fall short. They fit snug and move with Jayden’s body. They have tear-away panels which are convenient during those poopy changes. Sometimes the panels rip a bit if pulled up too rough, so you just have to be a little careful with them. The front of the training pants are labeled with numbers and pine trees and the backs are labeled with the word “back” for distinguishing the correct side. More importantly, they don’t irritate his skin or do him any harm.

Have you tried any Seventh Generation products? Which ones are your favorites? Have any you’d like to try?

seventh generation walmartI’ve been invited by Walmart and Seventh Generation to participate in a sustainability challenge. I hope you enjoyed following my fellow Walmart Moms: Jennae of Green Your Décor, Monica of Mommy Brain Reports, Jenn of Frugal Upstate, Denise of Wholesome Mommy, and I on our four week journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

And as you already may know, I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Seventh Generation provided me with product samples. Walmart has also provided me with additional compensation for the time involved in the campaign. Participation in this program is voluntary. All opinions are my own.

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