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Growing With Your Home: How To Make Plants Work In Any Room

Over recent years, we’ve all come to appreciate the benefits of plants in our homes. From increased feelings of wellbeing to significant air quality improvements, we just can’t get enough of that green feeling.

Unfortunately, if you’ve struggled to make plants work at home before then you may be hesitant to join this bandwagon. Here, we’re going to help you dispel that skepticism by considering some surprisingly simple ways to make house plants work in any space. 

Consider your options

Perhaps the most essential step towards adaptive, well-integrated plant displays is to simply understand your options. While massive Monstera plants that take up the entire room might suit the more millennial-minded among us, the reality is that smaller spaces or more traditional styles will struggle to fit this kind of addition. And that’s okay! In reality, there are now a wide array of ways to make plants work for you, and any one of them can bring notable benefits. For some beginners, the best bet is to simply invest in a succulent collection that’s non-invasive and easy enough to care for. Equally, you could invest in hanging plants, terrariums, or even increasingly popular ‘living walls’ to get your green fix in any space you could imagine.

Keep them healthy

Sadly, even a well-chosen plant for your selected space is going to struggle to compliment the area if it’s half-dead and faded. By comparison, well-kept plants with vibrant colors and growth are a far better way to make the most of this household addition. Of course, the most basic way to ensure this benefit is to simply take the time to research the water amounts you should be offering. 

Equally, with more delicate plants, things like temperature changes and light exposure can have an impact, meaning that you’ll not only need to consider positioning away from or beside windows, but also that you could benefit from contacting damp proofing professionals before you invest, and even keeping the number of a 24 hour AC service handy to ensure that issues like breakdowns don’t cause your plants to overheat or wilt. That way, you ensure plants are in prime condition at all times, which is guaranteed to enhance rather than overwhelm the room that they’re in.

Simplify the rest of your decor

Unfortunately, even a healthy plant isn’t going to look amazing if it’s crammed into a small space with loads of other decor items. This is a sure way to lead to overwhelm, and plants that make a space look cramped rather than updated. By simplifying your other decor items and color schemes (white walls look amazing with plants as opposed to brighter options), you can drastically enhance the appearance and impact greenery has overall, thus making them the center point of your rooms instead of just another unsuccessful addition.

Whether you’ve had plant troubles in the past or have always been hesitant to get stuck in, you deserve to start enjoying the benefits of houseplants with the help of these pointers at long last! 

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