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HABA Corner to Corner Game


Jayden loves all things blocks: Duplos, wooden blocks, Mega Bloks, you name it. So when we were sent HABA’s Arranging Game Corner to Corner from Maukilo, of course it was a hit!

The Corner to Corner game (well, it’s not really a game) reminds me of Tetris, but of course it is more dimensional. Corner to Corner comes with 62 colorful block-like tiles for endless hours of creative play. Jayden loves quietly arranging the tiles. Last night, he stacked up a few and created a line right behind, which made a train–another one of his favorites!


The Corner to Corner Game is one of many heirloom-quality European and American designed toys from Maukilo. Be sure to take a peek at the Maukilo shop for a wide selection of wonderful toys!

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