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Hair Health: Taking Care of Your Crowning Glory

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Our hair is such an important part of our identity, which is why when we have bad hair days (or months… or years!) it can significantly impact our self esteem. It’s not just about being vain, when your hair looks good, you feel good on the inside and that’s something we should all aim to be doing. Here are some ways you can ensure you’re looking after it properly.

Get to know your hair type

Hair type is categorised from straight hair right through to the curliest varieties (1a to 4c)- knowing what your type is can be incredibly useful. It enables you to research exactly how to look after it, what kinds of styles and products will most likely work for you rather than it purely being trial and error. The thickness and texture of your hair will influence how often you may need to wash it, what kinds of conditioning products you’ll need to use, even what kinds of combs, brushes and other tools you’ll need to use. It sounds simple but it’s vital information to know, go to a hairdresser who will be able to tell you what your hair type is.

Eat a healthy diet

Regardless of your hair type, length or texture, a healthy diet is something that will benefit everyone. Not only will it help you to grow longer, stronger hair, but it will positively influence just about every cell in your body. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, enough lean protein and complex carbs are foods we all need to remain healthy. If your hair is in poor condition and you know your diet isn’t great then this is something you can work on changing. Taking a multivitamin supplement could help as well, one containing folic acid is useful as this has been shown to help hair growth. In the case of men, hair loss is often a result of hormonal changes that naturally happen through age and unfortunately diet changes can’t reverse this. Procedures like an ARTAS hair transplant can reverse the losses though and really help to boost self-esteem.

Avoid harsh chemicals and styling techniques

Bleaching, relaxing and dying your hair often will quickly cause it to deteriorate. Especially if you’re doing this yourself at home, since you have very little control over these chemicals. If you do want to drastically change your hair, always visit a professional hair salon. They will be able to change your hair, usually in stages to get the desired result and still maintaining its health and integrity. Many of us have had hair disasters in the past, remember how awful that was before considering messing with your hair again! Find non- damaging ways to switch up your hair if you get bored- clip in extensions, wigs and hairpieces are great. If your hair is lighter in colour, semi-permanent vegetable dyes can be a fun way to change the colour. 

How do you care for your tresses?

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