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Haircare Hacks For Tangle-Prone Hair

While some girls seem to have hair that can be worn down all day and not brushed once without tangling, others of us step outside into the wind and find that within what feels like seconds our hair has already tangled. Tangle-prone hair is a curse and one that sadly will stay with you for life if that’s the hair type that you’ve been blessed with.

However, there is some good news. While you can’t change your hair type, what you can do is learn how to tame your tangle-prone hair and prevent those ‘bird nest’ style tangles from forming, it’s just a case of getting to know your hair and learning all of the best hacks for warning off tangles once and for all.

Wondering what these are – have a read of the tips and ideas below!

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Always use a deep conditioner

If your hair is tangle-prone, never fail to use a deep conditioner when you’re washing your hair. Shampooing your hair isn’t enough neither is normal conditioner for that matter. Your hair has a tendency to tangle so a deep conditioner or, better yet, a conditioner designed for hair that tangles is a must-use item.

Comb your hair with conditioner in

While you’re taking a shower and washing your hair, always take the time to comb your hair out while the conditioner is in it. Doing this helps to get rid of any existing tangles without damaging your hair through too much tugging and pulling. The conditioner should help the comb – this should be a wide-toothed comb – to glide through your hair and get rid of any tangles.

Don’t towel dry your hair

If your hair is prone to tangling, whatever you do, don’t towel dry it or you will simply create tangles. Wrap it in a towel after you wash it, but don’t rub your head with the towel or you will be in tangle city. Instead, invest in a good hair dryer – you can read some fantastic reviews on – and gently dry your hair, brushing it as you go.

Put your hair up for bed

Want to prevent tangles forming in the night? Then one of the best things that you can do is wear your hair in an up-do at night. The best options for preventing tangling tend to be buns or braids – french or dutch braids tend to work best.

Carry a brush everywhere

The best way to prevent your hair ending up looking like one tangled mess is to carry a hairbursh everywhere. Always keep a mini brush in your bag – a Tangle Teaser could be a good option – so that wherever you are, you can give your hair a brush, should it need it.

Tangle-prone hair can be a nightmare to live with and manage, however, if you know how to tame it, you can make coping with this hair type a little easier and less stressful. Hopefully, the tips above have given you the insight that you need to ensure that your hair remains tangle-free day-in, day out.

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