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Halloween Cupcake Decorating With Wilton


It just isn’t Halloween in our household until I’ve baked up something festive. As much as I long to take on a challenge, I like to play it safe with decorating cupcakes. I recently tried Wilton’s Halloween candy kit and I couldn’t get any decent candies with the right detailing. I managed to burn some of the candy heating it up and the one spider web that came out nice? I dropped it on the floor. *facepalm* Ahhh, maybe next time!


Remember those delicious pumpkin muffins I baked? I decided to decorate a few of them using Halloween themed icing, sprinkles and toppers from Wilton. Safe, safe, safety, safe. I discovered Wilton’s orange and black icing which made it SO much more easier to create cool effects with little work. The orange and black bat sprinkle mix added the perfect touch. I decided to break out the green icing. I thought it looked nice with the green, orange, and black sprinkles.


I always make a mess with sprinkles, you’d think I’d use a cookie sheet to catch the extras. Well not at midnight, lol.

These muffins were so yummy with the icing and sprinkles. As excited as Jayden was to find them the next day, he only licked a little of the icing just like he did with his birthday cupcakes. He’s usually content after that. And well, I certainly can’t complain about that. He’s definitely taking after me. When I was younger, I’d actually scrape off the icing from baked goods. Greg and I indulged in the iced muffins and Jayden enjoyed the un-iced, which I also decorated with Autumn themed picks and liners from Wilton.

I think my next project will be those little monster cake pops down there. They look SO cool and can be served year round. I think I’ll have more luck with those than making candy, lol. Yes, it was that disastrous. If you visit the Halloween baking section at Walmart, you’ll be able to grab a tutorial sheet or you can download this one by clicking on the image. If you whip up a batch, I’d love to see them!


I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me for sharing my experience with this season’s Wilton baking products. All words and opinions are always my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Jacquie Haymon

Tuesday 23rd of October 2012

I'm not very handy in the baking department and the last time I tried to decorate cookies was a complete fail. I mean I pack your knives you are booted off of the show kinda fail lol. But I keep trying cause I have 13 nieces and nephews and those jokers like this stuff.

I do like those decorations (the ghosts u stuck in the cupcake) cause there is no way I can mess that up! Cake pops might work too if I get help. Lots of help lol.

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