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We thought a tricycle was a good idea, and then he grew up…

039 For Jayden’s 3rd birthday, we gave him a cool tricycle, what we didn’t realize is that he’d outgrow it the next year. Well, not size wise but stage in his life wise. At the age of 4, we felt he was too mature to be riding on a tricycle and that he should be learning how to balance on a big boy’s bike with training wheels. So a big boy’s bike is what he got.

Kids go through clothes and shoes as it is, but they also go through bikes. Purchasing new apparel can be easily done, after some budgeting and a few head spins later, but a bike is a heavier expense and requires shopping with a little more emotional attachment since it’s a large purchase that is expected to last. Performance Bicycle in Indianapolis offers parents unmatched savings on accessories and future bike purchases in their in store “Grow Up with Performance” program.


“Grow Up with Performance” discounts are as follows:

· 10 percent off any Kid’s Helmet with the purchase of 1st Kid’s Bike
· 15 percent off purchase of 2nd and 3rd Kid’s Bike
· 20 percent off purchase of 4th Kid’s Bike

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade a first bicycle or graduate from training wheels and a new bicycle is a great way to motivate children to ride. Children will remember his or her first bike just like teenagers remember their first car and Performance offers quality-manufactured bicycles and a discount program for growing kiddos to ensure that those memories are great!


This post was sponsored by Performance Bike. They were kind enough to send Jayden his awesome new big boy bike. To the safety nazis, his new helmet is en route.


Thursday 2nd of August 2012

We just bought Eleanor a new bike last month. She's 3. While I would normally do my research and purchase something that would last more than a year, I figured she would probably outgrow it by next year so we allowed her to pick one out at Toys R Us. Naturally she went with something girly, Pinkalicious. I'm not too fond of buying items branded with characters because all kids go through phases. Anyway, I'll keep Performance Bicycle in mind for next year! :)

Onica {MommyFactor}

Monday 30th of July 2012

I've been wondering what to buy for my 4 y/o and like you said he might be to old for a tricycle. Better to just go for the bike now. Thanks!


Sunday 29th of July 2012

Look at Jayden on his big boy bike! Too cute. When I saw my first couple of kids easily outgrowing their tricycles I started skipping them all together. Such a waste of money. The "Grow Up" with performance sounds like a good option for my large brood!

Hugs and Mocha, Stesha

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