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Health and Safety Tips for Busy Families

Health and safety tips are two key components that matter for every family. Let’s take a peek into a handful of health and safety reinforcements that can make life a lot simpler.

Safety in Numbers

Safety in numbers actually has a double meaning here. The first is to always remind children and their friends that staying together in larger groups is the safest method of being out in the world.

The second is about safety/emergency telephone numbers. Every household should have a physical list of emergency contact numbers clearly visible in high-traffic areas of the home. Also, each cell phone owner should take a picture of the list to keep for those emergencies on-the-go.

Sample List:

  1. 911 Emergency/Fire/Ambulance
  2. Parent/Guardian telephone numbers and addresses
  3. Physician telephone numbers and addresses
  4. Friend/Neighbor numbers and addresses
  5. School/Church telephone numbers and addresses

The Doctor is In

Family members are bound to get sick or hurt at some point. Thankfully, making an online doctor appointment enables busy families to get the medical care they need. By reducing the time, energy and scheduling workarounds needed for making a doctor’s appointment, stress is lessened and time is well-utilized. When time is of the essence, online medical appointments can be a significant addition to today’s busy lifestyles.

Safety Fun on the Go

Kids will be kids. Giving children plenty of rest and some hunky-dory opportunities to have fun safely as they trek from here-to-there encourages repeat positive learning. Whether on a family road trip or just heading to school, in-car safety fun helps keeps kids safe and interested. Coloring books, child-safe online apps and very cool travel online apps that show kids where to stop safely to explore their world are great ways to re-emphasize safety and fun.

Just be Real

Although modern days encourage modern ways, it is important to trust natural human instincts where safety is concerned. Re-introduce strong family connections using basic health and safety components.

  1. Hold children’s hands as often as possible. This gesture instills trust, cooperation, and safety in a very natural way.


  1. Talk to children about stranger-danger safety. Continue reinforcing the conversation often while running errands, during meals or any time a window of opportunity is given. Be clear when explaining what to do if an unfamiliar grown-up approaches children for any reason.


  1. Returning to nature promotes calmness, stretches imaginations and actually improves health. Encourage kids to run through chemically untreated grassy areas, make mud pies and even grow their favorite herbs, flowers or vegetables.

Easy Meal Planning

Busy families don’t always have time to prepare homemade meals on a daily basis. By selecting a few basic staples, eating on-the-go can be healthy and fast. Relying on a consistent list of food staples helps make meal planning easier to create on a whim.

  1. Include two meat favorites, organic whenever possible.
  2. Include two bread components like sandwich bread and flour tortillas.
  3. Include healthy snack of popcorn, cheese sticks, and whole fruit.
  4. Include frozen vegetables for easy preparation.

Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with the health and safety of your family. A little planning and a watchful eye are your greatest friends.

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