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Health Impairment Causes That Mandate the Help of Legal Professionals

Impairment is the loss or limitation of an ability to function physically, mentally, or socially. It can be caused by injury, illness or other physical conditions. The law is a powerful tool that can be used to help those who have been injured, especially if an incident involved the negligence of another party. In this post, we’ll discuss some major causes of impairment that often require legal assistance.


Dog Bites

The County of San Diego is located in the southwestern corner of California, USA. If you’re researching dog bite statistics in San Diego county, specialist websites will tell you that there are around 90 million dogs living in that location. Some of the dog breeds involved in fatal attacks include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Huskies and Doberman Pinschers.

Dog bites are sadly a common occurrence and they can often result in serious injuries. They can be inflicted by stray dogs, illegal breeds or animals that were not being supervised by their owners. Lawyers often help people file claims against the dogs’ owners to ensure that the victims receive the compensation they deserve.


Vehicle Incidents

Cars, motorcycles, and trucks can all be involved in serious accidents that can impair the health of pedestrians or other drivers. Whiplash, internal bleeding, and broken bones are all potential injuries that can occur in such situations.

Lawyers often use Police Accident Reports and their clients’ medical records as legal evidence to support their compensation claims. Witness statements can also be key when proving liability for an accident. If the condition of the road was potentially at fault (i.e. it was poorly maintained by the owner) this could be another area the attorney would investigate. The other party’s insurance company may be reluctant to pay out, in which case the lawyer would be best placed to deal with them. 


Slip and Fall Accidents And Medical Malpractice

Slipping on a wet floor, tripping over an obstacle in the aisle or falling downstairs are all common causes of slip and fall accidents. These incidents can lead to serious health problems such as whiplash, spinal cord injury or head trauma. It would be the lawyer’s task to prove that the premises owner breached their duty of care e.g. if they didn’t repair the stairs or left things lying around.

When a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional makes a mistake in diagnosis, treatment, or surgery, it can have devastating consequences for the patient. Birth injuries can occur when the baby is delivered prematurely or when there are problems with the umbilical cord. They can also be caused by medical errors during labor and delivery. In medical malpractice cases, lawyers often seek to prove that there were incompetent or untrained staff, faulty equipment or inappropriate medicine being used.


Work-Related Injuries

Some example causes include:

  • Heavy items falling from above
  • Faulty work equipment
  • Loose cables that cause trip hazards
  • Cabinet drawers left open
  • Heavy boxes stored on tops of cupboards

When these happen, there are a number of ways the injured party may be entitled to benefits. Workers’ Compensation can pay money towards the victim’s medical bills and lost wages. Social Security Disability Insurance can cover some expenses associated with work accidents. This applies to cases where work-related injuries prevent the injured party from ever returning to work. Some work-related personal injury claims may result in litigation. This is one way of resolving disputes involving Workers’ Compensation, disability insurance or SSA programs like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).


Criminal Activities

Some people become injured as a result of criminal activities. Some examples include:

  • assault
  • robbery
  • burglary
  • rape

When an individual is injured as a result of a criminal event, they may be able to file a personal injury claim. The assistance of a legal professional can be invaluable in these scenarios and there are specialist lawyers who focus on criminal law and its practical applications.


Faulty Products

People sometimes suffer injuries as a result of defective products. If someone becomes injured by a product that was not properly designed or manufactured, they may be able to bring a product liability lawsuit. They can be very complex and often require the help of an experienced attorney.

As you can see, there are many different ways that people can become injured. When a lawyer comes alongside an accident victim the person can find out what their rights are and understand the legal process that is open to them. The attorney can then be their legal representative as they seek a just and fair financial settlement.


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