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Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills

Math is part of our everyday life as humans. From calculating the cost of groceries at the store to taking measurements in the kitchen and taking inventory in the home, we are always dealing with numbers. Math skills are essential for our day-to-day activities, which is why it is important to help your child develop early math skills. Failing to understand the concept of math early on, might leave your child struggling later. This article highlights tips to help your child develop early math skills.

Tips To Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills

Sing Counting Songs: Kids are very impressionable, learning from what they hear and see. This makes the singing of counting songs, a very effective way of helping your child develop early math skills. There are many nursery songs that are number-themed, helping them to learn while having fun. Asides from being a learning technique for your child, it is also a way of bonding with them. 

Play Counting Games: Playing counting games works well with singing counting songs when helping your child develop their math skills. Playing counting games is another way of helping your child to develop their math skills while having fun. You can tell them to count the number of steps on the flight of stairs. You can also build a tower out of their toys, and tell them to count. As they gain more full understanding of counting, you can add tasks such as addition and subtraction. Incorporating counting into every area of their lives, even feeding. Asking them to count the number of seeds in their fruits can be fun and educative. 

Identify Shapes: One part of math that a lot of parents ignore when helping their kids develop early skills is the identification of shapes. Gaining early knowledge of shapes will help your child while tackling geometry. There are a lot of items in the house that take different shapes. First, you should help them recognize major shapes. You can then proceed to ask them to identify shapes of common objects in the home. Items such as lids, bowls, remotes, and televisions can be used in the identification of shapes. You can also fold clothes or blankets to take an intended. Provide a reward anytime they successfully identify a shape, and they will be motivated to learn more. 

Addition and Subtraction: Addition and subtraction are essential aspects of mathematics. Ease your child into doing sums and subtraction using everyday scenarios and items. This will help them to learn without pressure, and they will do complex problems in no time. 

Highlight The Importance of Math: Helping your child to understand the importance of math in their daily, will motivate them to develop their skills. You can do this by showing them the practical application of math. Allow them to count items on trips to the store. You can also enlist their help while carrying out household chores. Giving them the responsibility of counting pegs can do the trick in this regard. 


In addition to these tips, ensure to enroll your child in a trusted preschool in childcare liverpool. This will help to develop their math skills even further.

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