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Hiring Unique Dancers for Your Special Event

Organizing an event can be a difficult job, but when done correctly can be a very rewarding experience. In this article we’ll share a few tips to follow when it comes to booking the right entertainment for your special event. 

Determine the Event

One of the first things you want to do is get clear on the type of event you will be organizing. This is particularly important if this is your first time organizing and hosting a special function. Will this be a large scale production or a more intimate affair? Is it open to the general public or is the event by invitation only? What is the theme or general vibe of the event?

Once you have these things mapped out, then it’ll be much easier to decide on the appropriate specialty dancer or performance group. 

Know Your Audience

After laying the foundation for the event itself, then you’ll want to sit down and consider the intended audience. As noted above, if the event is a public function then it’s best to think in broad terms of the typical person who will be attending. If it’s a private affair, then you might find it easier to draw upon this information because you could already know the guest list and attendees. 

Your goal should be to find a performer that is going to appeal to the audience and provide quality entertainment. Don’t just hire someone based on your taste and interests because you won’t be the only person in attendance. If possible, offer a short list of ideas or options to a few trusted associates to gauge their level of interest. It’s even better if these people will also be in attendance. 

Research Performers

The next thing you’ll want to do is to start researching performers that match your short list of possibilities. If you’re able to attend a performance to see them in action, then do so. If not, then request a few videos to see if it’s what you’re looking for. Conversations can only go so far. Once you see them in action, you’ll get a better idea of whether the act will be a good fit for your audience and event. Another tip would be to request a full length performance video rather than just a sample or clip. 

Most professional entertainers will have some kind of media page to showcase their work. The videos could be found on their website or YouTube channel. 

A few ideas could be hiring Las Vegas dancers, belly dancers, fire dancers, or salsa dancers. 

Work Out Details

Once you’ve made your selection then it’s time to work out the finer details. Take the time to discuss any prerequisites needed, necessary equipment, space requirements, and other housekeeping items that will help ensure the best experience. 

Oftentimes it’s the little things that go overlooked or assumed that can bring disaster. It can be as simple as both parties assuming that the other would have the right sound equipment for the performance. It could be a seemingly small or innocent miscommunication, but it’s a critical element in a dance performance. That being said, make sure to work out all the details beforehand so that you’re not left scrambling in the final hour. 

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