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A Small Token of Holiday Gratitude: Hot Cocoa Gift Packs



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How often do you find yourself wanting to do something special for the people who impact your life even just for a second? You know, people like your mail/parcel couriers, the random lady in the checkout line who stopped your toddler from have a loud meltdown, the elderly woman who stopped and marveled at how well-behaved and beautiful your children are, the restaurant clerk who gave your kid an ice cream one the house… just because, and the Salvation Army Bell Ringers who stand outside in the cold and greet you while you’re out shopping. Those people! The people who show there’s still hope for humanity.


As a token of gratitude this holiday season, you can offer up a little something that shows your appreciation without breaking the pocket book. I love the idea of giving the gift of a warm drink. Hot cocoa kits are such an affordable treat, but all of the kits that I’ve found were more appropriate for holiday parties or gift exchanges where the recipient is prepared to receive a gift. I came up with a version more suitable for gifting on-the-go. I created hot cocoa packs that are light and pocket-sized, perfect for a quick exchange. For under $20 you can make 30 of these sweet pocket packs to brighten someone’s day! Pay it forward with a hot cocoa gift pack!


Swiss Miss Classics Hot Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows
Assorted Holiday Chocolates
Miniature Candy Canes
Paper lunch bags
Decorative printable
Craft glue


How To Print On Lunch Bags
The easiest way to print on a paper lunch bag is to make sure that you tape down any loose flaps and openings. If using the printable below, open it up in a program such as Photoshop or Microsoft Word, and set the page size to 5×10. How you load the lunch bag in depends on your printer. If you load your paper on the top of the printer, the bag must be inserted upside down (opening pointing down) with the front of the bag facing you. If you have a bottom-loading printer, the bag will go in right-side up (opening pointing up) with the front of the bag lying flat on the paper tray.

(download printable)

Folding The Bags
Fold the bags to best accommodate the design on the front of the bag and the treats you place inside. I folded and glued the back flap in half. After filling the bags, I folded the top of the bag towards the bag and glued it in place.

Filling The Bags
Decide how many packets of cocoa and pieces of candy you’d like to fill each bag with. I chose to fill each of my packs with two cocoa packets, candy canes, and chocolate kisses and one each of the other variety of chocolate candies. I tied a baker’s knot around the packs for a festive holiday parcel effect.

I hope you are able to use this gift idea to spread some holiday cheer. Happy gifting and Happy Holidays!

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