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Holiday Hazards: Family Safety Tips For The Festive Season


Tis the season to be jolly, and we hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas time. However, the festive season is not without its problems. Aside from the effects of your stress on the kids when you’re trying to get everything organized for the holidays, your family are at risk in other ways. We are talking about holiday hazards; those issues that threaten your family’s safety. Thankfully then, to ensure your Christmas is as hazard-free as possible (in the same way that your children will be picking through the Christmas dinner to remove the Brussel sprouts), here are some safety tips for the holidays.

Holiday Hazard #1: The Christmas Tree

Have you put your tree up yet? Be it a pine-shedding real tree or something that is fake but still looks the part; you do need to be mindful of this Christmas perennial. Dangers await, and we aren’t just talking about the fairy falling off the top and hitting somebody on the head.

Tip # 1: The tree can be a fire risk, so ensure its at least three feet away from your heat sources. Be mindful of candles too, keeping them far away from your Christmas tree branches. You want your tree to light up the room, but the only light you want is from your decorations and not any flickering flames.

Tip #2: While you will want to decorate your tree with all manner of festive baubles and tinsel strings, be mindful of any small children in your home. To avoid choking hazards, you might want to put your smaller decorations near the top of the tree, and out of the reach of the hands and mouths of curious youngsters. The only decorations they want to be eating are the chocolate Santas! You might also want to put a barrier around the tree, for extra measure.

Holiday Hazard #2: Outside Your Front Door

Does it snow in your area? Are your teenage children going to any Christmas parties? When your kids aren’t within the safe confines of your family home, you need to be alerted to possible threats.

Tip #1: Thinking about the cold and icy conditions, ensure your children are wrapped up warm when they are playing outside having snowball fights and making snowmen. And ensure you take steps to eliminate slips and falls, using these tips to remove ice from your driveway and other hazardous areas.

Tip #2: Christmas parties are fun, but can you trust your teenage children to be responsible? To ensure they are where they say they are going to be, we recommend you use this phone tracking app by Family Orbit to keep track of their whereabouts. Then give your teens ‘that talk’ about responsibility, especially where drinking alcohol is concerned. Give them a deadline too, letting them know when you expect them home. You might also want to book a cab or an Uber to pick them up at a designated time, making the call early to ensure your teens have a safe ride home.

Holiday Hazard #3: Dangerous Toys

What toys are you buying your children this Christmas? Where are you getting them from? While you will want to buy them something to unwrap and have fun with on Christmas Day, you want to be mindful of them unwrapping any potential hazards.

Tip: We aren’t going to go into detail, as there are some excellent toy safety guides here. Read them, heed them, and give your kids the best Christmas possible by avoiding possible dangers caused by toys that are both unsafe and not age-appropriate for your kids.

Thanks for reading!

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