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Holiday Road Trips During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels

The holiday season is chock-full of travel plans for most Americans. Some choose to spend their holidays home with family and relatives while others decide to get away and find a home away from home! According to AAA, over 115 million people traveled during the 2019 holiday season, according to AAA, but this year presents some unique challenges – no matter how far you plan to travel or who you plan to go with. 

How is Holiday Travel Different in 2020?

The most significant anticipated difference is the mode of transportation travelers will choose. Few people are comfortable with air travel right now, and many are choosing to road trip instead of fly to their vacation destinations. Dr. Lynn Minnaert, Academic Director and Clinical Associate Professor for Tisch Center of Hospitality at New York University, says this trend will continue into the holidays, and “it is predicted that car travel will be the preferred transportation mode.”

How to Prep for a Holiday Road Trip

There’s a lot to consider when you’re making road trip plans for the whole family! We’ve never had to deal with pandemic safety concerns before, and our poor climate is throwing extreme weather temper tantrums to boot – goodness knows what winter weather will hold! So what do you need to know before making your plans? Here are three ways to start preparing for a (safe) holiday road trip.

  • Steer Clear of Rentals

Just as airports and planes expose you to a host of fresh germs, rental cars can, too. Even though rental companies have policies in place to control the spread of contaminants, why take the chance when you may be visiting family members who are high-risk? Use your own vehicle to pack up the kids and presents before hitting the road. 

  • Be Ready for All Weather Contingencies 

Heavy snow, heavy rain, heavy winds – none of it is out of the question for U.S. weather patterns. All-wheel drive will keep you safely on course through inclement weather conditions in any climate. Make sure that your vehicle is up for the challenge beforehand, so you’re not slipping and sliding down the highway! 

  • Pack for Protection

Make sure you have everything you need to help your car get through the most challenging snow squalls and rainstorms. Pack snow chains for your tires, traction aids like salt or sand, an ice scraper, and a shovel if you can.

Extreme weather patterns are one thing, but staying safe from germs is a big factor too! Pack plenty of extra masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and sanitizer wipes for any gas station or rest station pit stops. 

Following these guidelines might require a vehicle upgrade before the holiday season is upon us, both for safety and space for all the luggage, emergency supplies, gifts, and kids you may need to bring with you! Start scouting now for good deals on durable, safe, AWD cars in your area. Those who are also in the marvelous Midwest, check out the Dick Scott Motor Mall in Fowlerville, Michigan! They offer no-contact delivery (within 100 miles) when you purchase or lease a vehicle, and you can do all of the actual shopping online. A new car will protect your family for years to come and will make sure you have a safe, healthy, happy holiday road trip. Isn’t that an investment worth making?

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