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Home Date Night Ideas

Early on in a relationship, dates are everything. We get excited about going on a date with someone that we like because it’s a chance to spend time with them without interruption. It’s an opportunity to get to know them better and let them into our lives. It’s thrilling, and those first dates compare to nothing else in a relationship.

Then, as the relationship gets more serious, and perhaps you move in together and even have children, life gets in the way. You might not get the chance to go out on dates with your partner with so much going on at home. You may not even think that you need to, now that you know each other so well. But dates are still important. Even when you have been together for years, you know each other well, and you spend a lot of your time together, dating is something to be cherished.

Dates give you time as a couple. Not mom or dad, or whatever else you may be. Time to just be you, as you were in the beginning. It can help to reignite some romance, or just give you some much needed time together away from distractions.

Unfortunately, getting out for a date night isn’t always possible. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have them. Home date nights can be just as fun. Here are some ideas.

Watch a Movie

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Read this IPTV guide from Troypoint, and you’ll learn how you can get access to plenty of channels and movies, so there’s bound to always be something that you’d like to watch. For a home movie date, leave your phones in another room or turn them off, open a bottle of wine and some packs of snacks, and get cozy on the sofa. Try to make movie nights, and even family movie nights a regular thing for easy, quality time together. 

Play Some Games

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Board games are a wonderful way to spend quality time together without being glued to screens or getting distracted. When you play old fashioned board games, you are forced to speak with each other and reminded of how you can have fun without technology. Introduce your partner to some of your favorite games from childhood and let them do the same. Then look for new things to try together. 

Of course, there are also benefits to playing video games together, and this can still be a fun way to spend an evening. Open a bottle of wine and get some snacks in, and play games with your partner. 

Cook a Meal Together

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Does one of you do most of the cooking? Or do you take it in turns? Are you good at some recipes and them others? Most families have a way to split the cooking. But how often do you cook together? Helping each other out and sharing the tasks? Putting some music on and being in the kitchen, getting creative together can be great fun. And you’ll get a chance to learn from each other and come up with new meals. 

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