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How Does CBD and Caffeine Affect You?

Photo by Caeli Team from Pexels

The complications of 2020 have been tough to process for many people. One popular way to cope with the stress that this past year has brought on is by taking CBD. Overall CBD use is on the rise. Because of the nature of the coronavirus, the edible CBD market share has gone up 14% in some states according to a Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm. Now that more people are including CBD in their daily routine, we have to be conscious of the effects CBD and caffeine have when taken together.

Caffeine is already widely consumed. If you are taking CBD daily, the chances that you are mixing the two is extremely high.

CBD and Caffeine

CBD is a non-intoxicating chemical compound derived from cannabis. It is one of the 144 parts of cannabis known as cannabinoids. We have much to learn about CBD, but many people are taking products with CBD to calm them down. Whether that is before bed or throughout the day.

Caffeine is taken for the exact opposite reason. Coffee drinkers rarely have a cup before bed if they want to go to sleep. This is because caffeine is a stimulant. After drinking a cup of coffee or espresso the user will feel more alert, attentive, and awake.

Effects of CBD and Caffeine

First, we want to note that there aren’t any clinical studies that look at the effects of caffeine and CBD oil or any other type of product. Everything we know about CBD and caffeine is either looking at them separate or anecdotal testimony from users that have done them together.  

Taking CBD and caffeine together doesn’t make sense to many experts. On the other hand, Craig Leivent, PharmD (also the owner of a CBD coffee company) believes that ‘the combination of CBD and coffee will give you the alertness of coffee but without the jitters.’

The two counteracting with one another is interesting. We are just so far from truly understanding how CBD affects us to make any judgment if this is going on.

Caffeine and CBD Interaction

For a first-hand look at what CBD coffee is like for a week, you may try drinking CBD coffee each morning and give your thoughts on how it makes you feel each day.

Another way of taking experiencing this interaction is by taking caffeine and CBD pills. If coffee does give you the jitters and you are looking for something to counteract the caffeine, this may be worth trying.

Everyone’s body is different, there are so many ways to take CBD that experimenting with different administration could lead to finding the perfect way to use the two together.

CBD Infused Coffee

Taking CBD-infused coffee will result in the CBD going through the digestive system. This can result in delayed-release times, causing users to not feel the effects for a few hours. If you are looking to counterbalance the caffeine this may not be the best way to take CBD and caffeine. However, if you are looking for a boost and then the effects of CBD, it could work for you because of the delay in metabolizing the CBD. Again, we don’t have the data, so this is just based on what we know about CBD administration.

People could also look at taking caffeine pills or CBD oil with a cup of coffee. The CBD is going to be processed a little differently for each person.

Thankfully, there are not any major risks with experimenting with CBD oil, so you are free to try different ways of taking CBD and caffeine.

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