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How I Fought Back Insomnia in Just 3 Days

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

“Why can I never go back to bed? Who’s voice is ringing in my head? Where is the sense in these desperate dreams? Why should I wake when I’m half past dead?” – Emilie Autumn 

I recalled this quote throughout the night when I couldn’t shut my eyes, kept on tossing and turning while my eyes were wide open till the morning. When the same sleeping pattern continued for a week, I understood it was nothing but insomnia.

Insomnia – The reason behind those troublesome nights. 

The moment I got confirmation from my doctor, I started researching insomnia in detail. It is a common sleeping disorder that disturbs the sleep cycle. Insomnia makes people feel tired, experience sickness, and severe headaches. During my research, I found out that health problems like asthma, hyperthyroidism, acid reflux, Parkinson’s disease, neurological conditions, sinus, etc., adds a lot to the adverse impact of insomnia. Unfortunately, I do not suffer from any of these yet experienced insomnia to be a daunting problem disturbing my whole routine and lifestyle.

How did I manage to overcome insomnia?

So, I tried a few different things on the first day. And it included:

  1. Essential oil 
  2. No caffeine 
  3. Melodious music 

However, these tricks prove to be a great way to get rid of insomnia, but for some reason, it did not help me. So, for me, it was time to try my hands on something else. That’s when I got to know about cannabis and its benefits. This really helped me see a huge difference in my sleeping order. I don’t know how CBD helped me sleep better without hampering my comfort level at all. From then, I even referred to it as a magic pill which made me go to sleep in a few minutes.

For those who don’t know, CBD is a herb which is also referred to as cannabis or cannabidiol. This herb is widely popular among all age groups and offers great benefits. There are numerous forms of CBD products available in the market like – edibles (cannabis chocolate bar, brownie, cake, gummy bears, tea) cbd soft gels, pills, capsules, oil, creams, lotions, and much more. There are so many research papers available online putting some light over its usage as a medicine. Until I did not read it, I had no idea about the countless benefits of CBD in our lives. Researchers are claiming that it helps to stabilize one’s mental health, keeps human beings and pets away from depression and whatnot. 

I consumed some CBD edibles as suggested by my doctor, and it actually helped me sleep better and look fresh in the morning. There was no sign of tiredness and heaviness in my body which made me wave off insomnia in just three days. 

At last, all I would suggest is to consult a practitioner and start making a few changes in your lifestyle to eradicate insomnia forever. Spending a sleepless night having some work stress in mind seems ok but only when it’s once in a long time. If it’s taking a toll on your mood swings, eating habits, and overall health, I suggest consulting a doctor immediately.  



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