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How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost in Australia

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When it comes to keeping the house clean, you no longer have to do everything yourself. There are times when hiring a professional cleaner can really help save time and money. Commercial cleaners may be the way to go when faced with difficult tasks like deep cleaning a bathroom and kitchen. 

There is a big misconception that commercial cleaning is expensive. In reality, top service providers are making their services available at competitive prices. How much does commercial cleaning really cost in Australia? Before we get to the answer, there are a few things you need to understand first.

Finding a Good Commercial Cleaner

Top-rated commercial cleaners are no longer difficult to find. You now have companies like LinkU offering access to the best commercial cleaning in Australia. You can get free quotes by completing a simple job request form. 

Commercial cleaners can handle a myriad of jobs. You can rely on the work of a professional commercial cleaner for almost any place of business whether your property is an office, store, gym and any private space. 

The first factor to take into account in your search for a commercial cleaner is location. You can, for example, limit your search to service providers in your area. This way, you don’t have to pay as much on transportation and other fees.

Experience is just as important. Don’t hesitate to do a background check on the cleaners you are comparing. Getting first-hand testimonials from past clients is highly recommended, which is why you should always ask for references from the companies you are looking into.

Before completing your search, ask about the cleaning process. Get in touch with the commercial cleaners directly and talk about the issues you have around the house. Pay attention when the cleaners explain their cleaning processes and procedures.

At this point, you should be able to choose a cleaner that suits you well. Since you already have quotes from the commercial cleaners you are comparing, you can immediately decide whether to use the services offered by the cleaner of your choice.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of hiring commercial cleaners depends on the type of job you are hiring for. Every job has its own challenges and may involve different components. Don’t rely on just an estimate. You should always ask for a detailed quote before hiring a commercial cleaner.

That’s actually a good step to take since it also allows you to identify the best cleaners. Top commercial cleaning companies provide detailed breakdowns of their estimates, and they deliver those breakdowns in writing.

Back to the cost of hiring commercial cleaners, some of the cost elements that will be taken into account are:

  • The size of the rooms being cleaned
  • The number of rooms that need to be cleaned
  • Particular issues that must be solved before cleaning
  • Certain challenges to deal with during the cleaning process
  • The supplies being used to perform cleaning tasks
  • Additional services that are also required

These cost elements will greatly determine the cost of hiring a commercial cleaner. On average, you can find a good commercial cleaning service for $20 to $30 per hour, but the actual cost will depend on your specific circumstance.

As you can see, commercial cleaning services are not as expensive as you may have thought. With more professional service providers entering the market, the pricing can be very competitive too. Don’t hesitate to compare quotes from multiple providers to get the best deal possible.

There are also ways to save on professional cleaners. That brings us to the last part of the article, which is….

How to Save on Commercial Cleaners

Comparing quotes is a sure-fire way of getting the best deal possible. Some commercial cleaning service providers will give you additional discounts if you mention the fact that you are comparing quotes. Don’t be surprised to find discounts of up to 20% being thrown into the mix.

Price isn’t everything. You want to make sure that you are hiring a reputable and reliable commercial cleaner. It is much better to pay a bit more for quality services than to waste your money on services that aren’t up to par. 

To further reduce the cost of cleaning, consider hiring the commercial cleaners for multiple jobs. Getting your house cleaned regularly is a great way to reduce the cost of an individual cleaning project by a substantial margin.

Last but not least, negotiate! It is a competitive market and there is plenty of room for negotiation. You can also tweak the services you use to further reduce costs. Combined with the other tips and tricks we discussed in this article, booking commercial cleaners will not be expensive at all. 

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