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How Natural Treatments Can Help You Fight Cancer

Unlike the generations before them, many millennials make the choice to use alternative and natural treatments to not only help heal or control a disease or illness but also to restore balance in their bodies. Listed below are a few benefits of using natural treatments either on their own or in combination with traditional methods in the fight against cancer. 

What Are Natural Treatments? 

Natural treatments can range between different types of therapies, herbs and supplements, acupuncture, holistic healing, massage and hypnosis. Many of these practices date back to ancient times. 

Alternative Therapies 

There are many alternative treatment therapies available, and what your doctor recommends will depend on the exact type of cancer and the patient’s overall health. Alternative therapies, such as multiple myeloma natural treatment, kill cancer cells while also giving the immune system a boost. These types of therapies are much easier on the body as they are non-invasive, thus they reduce the amount of healing time required.

Better Quality of Life 

With some types of cancer, such as myeloma, there currently is no cure. While research is showing signs of finding a cure in the future, to date, treatment to control and prolong life is all that’s available. Unfortunately, traditional methods of treatment which can include high doses of chemotherapy and stem cell transplants can make patients weaker.  The good news is that there are natural and alternative treatments that work at the source of the problem, so they don’t put the entire body at risk. Instead, they help to control, comfort and provide a better quality of life. 

No Side Effects 

Traditional medications and treatments, such as chemotherapy, cause many side effects which can include hair loss, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and fatigue. Natural treatments, which can include vitamins, calcium, herbs, acupuncture, meditation and hypnotherapy, produce no side effects and help the patient relax and remain comfortable while going through treatment and recovery. 

Used With Conventional Treatments 

Sometimes a doctor may combine the two, a practice called integrated medicine, and use conventional treatment methods with alternative treatment options in order to aggressively start treatment on cancer, while providing the patient with natural ways that reduce pain and lessen the possibility of side effects. Using the two together can reduce the feeling of fatigue and help to keep the patient strong, allowing for a faster recovery between treatments. 

Holistic Practices 

Holistic healing practices take a very different approach than traditional medicine. Instead, they believe in the treatment of the entire body, including the mind, body, spirit and heart as a way of promoting strength, resilience and empowerment. While doctors tend to avoid the use of holistic healing as a sole means of treatment, many of the components can benefit the patient’s overall well-being and state of mind. For instance, the use of techniques for the mind and body, such as hypnotherapy and acupuncture and natural products without chemicals are combined with a healthy diet, dietary supplements, herbs and botanicals. 

Maintaining an Active Life 

During recovery and thereafter, it’s always in your best interest to maintain an active lifestyle. If you are a few pounds over your suggested weight limit, it can put stress on the body. A great way to lose the weight is through movement. Forget the iPad and the iPhone as a means of relaxation, and put on a good pair of sneakers and just walk. Walking is highly underrated. It provides an excellent way to increase your heart rate, sweat to cleanse the body and a fast pace will burn extra calories. And, as an added benefit it will make you feel good for several hours afterward, which is terrific after going through treatments. 

Unlike just a decade or so ago, today you have many options when it comes to treating a disease or an illness. It’s your body and, thankfully, you now have choices.

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