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How Parents Can Win The Teeth Brushing Battle

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As parents, there is much we can do to protect the teeth of our children.

We can ensure they get the best dental care possible from top-rated dentists. We can encourage them to eat fewer sugary items. And in our meal planning, we can make those healthy food additions that won’t hurt their tiny molars. 

We can also make sure they brush their teeth! But this particular task does not sit well with some children. They might brush their teeth half-heartedly, without giving them a proper clean. Or they might claim to have brushed their teeth when in reality, they have been too busy or lazy to bother.

Getting our children to brush their teeth can be a real battle, but it can be won. Here are some tips that we hope are useful to you. 

#1: Choose toothpaste your children will enjoy

Adults enjoy the zingy freshness of mint-flavored toothpaste but the taste can be overpowering to children. This is why they might put very little on their toothbrush or why they might not bother clearing their teeth at all. 

Thankfully, toothpaste developers understand this, and that is why they create toothpaste that is specially made for children. With flavors ranging from bubble gum to blue raspberry, you can give your children a choice. When they are able to brush their teeth with a taste they enjoy,  you should have less trouble getting them to put some on their toothbrush. 

#2: Brush teeth together

While you could instruct your child to brush their teeth on their own, you might want to brush your teeth at the same time instead. Especially when your children are very young, this is your opportunity to teach them how to brush their teeth too. They can learn from your example, and at the same time, you can make sure that their toothbrushes actually make contact with their teeth! 

#3: Make teeth brushing fun

Let’s be honest, teeth brushing is not many people’s idea of fun. Your children will be far more interested in their video games or phones than their toothbrushes, so it will of little surprise if they kick up a fuss. Still, it is possible to make teeth brushing fun, as you can see from the linked article.  From cranking up the tunes while they brush to using a reward scheme that celebrates their teeth-brushing efforts, you can motivate them to keep their teeth clean in a variety of fun and entertaining ways.

#4: Let your child pick their own toothbrush

Children’s toothbrushes have been specially made for their growing molars. They have softer bristles, so are more comfortable to brush with. So, keep this in mind at the outset, as your children are far more likely to brush their teeth if the toothbrush doesn’t cause them discomfort.

Then let your children choose from those toothbrushes that are befitting of their age. Many of them come in a variety of crazy colors, and they are often themed around certain TV shows, movies, and games. You can even buy singing toothbrushes, which may make teeth brushing more appealing to your child. So, give them a choice, as they might be more inclined to brush their teeth if they have a toothbrush they enjoy using. 

By using these ideas, you might never need to battle with your child again over teeth brushing. Give them a go, and speak to your dentist if you need any further advice on the matter. 

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