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How to Be Someone’s Helping Hand for Last Rites in Los Angeles

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou 

It may interest you to know that there are more than 57 million families who lost their at least a family member in 2020. Beside the COVID-19 pandemic, there were numerous reasons including – murders, accidents, natural deaths, etc. that left families in a lifetime of grief. 

Every year, more than 60,000 people lose their lives in Los Angeles due to an end number of reasons. The reason can be many, but the grief and feeling of lifetime loss remain the same for every family and friend. 

When a friend or family member dies, one cannot expect to see things getting back on the track easily. This results in accelerated stress or depression signs and leaves everyone in the unbearable pain for life. While it’s a tough time, there should be someone from your family or group to manage the last rites. Because no matter what, the funeral arrangements are something that needs to be done timely to give the pious soul a peaceful departure forever. 

You can’t always sit back, relax and wait for the tough times to enter your home. Remain familiar with everything that takes someone a heavy heart to do, learn to manage these circumstances as everyone has to face this bitter reality at least once in a lifetime for sure. 

So, here we have listed a line of arrangements to do and be a necessary helping hand of your family or friends in the tough times.

  1. First call – Where the family remains in an unconscious trauma of the death, it becomes the responsibility of the dear ones to notify everyone about the loss. This is an important thing to get in touch with a family member and find out whom they want to call.
  1. Deceased transportation – Once informing everyone is done, then comes taking the deceased person to the funeral point for the further rites. For this, make sure you are familiar with funeral homes in Los Angeles, if possible, get to know about the nearby so the rites can be completed without bothering the family members anyhow. This may require you to consult a local lite or do some leg work on your end.
  1. Manage funeral services – Every country, state, and the city has several or at least one funeral service provider. Consult them, and make all the necessary arrangements to the earliest. From booking the cremation area to getting the deceased person to the actual spot, there are countless responsibilities to look upon. If possible, make these arrangements while not keeping the immediate family involved as it may make it difficult for them to deal with the trauma.

Offering someone a helping hand in the hard times is the best way to show your presence. When a person dies, it leaves a family and cluster of people suffering behind. Here, rather than crying over the irrecoverable loss, one must look for the necessary arrangements to be done. If not possible, stand up and be someone’s true family in the hard times.

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