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How to Be Successful Selling Your Homemade Beauty Products

Have you started making your own soaps, lotions, skincare solutions, and other beauty products at home? Do you find that friends and family members are always interested in learning when you’ve whipped up a new batch? If so, perhaps there’s a larger market out there you can sell your homemade beauty products to.  

The epidemic of illness and disease across the country has more people curious about achieving true health and wellness. They’re going beyond dieting and exercising too. Realizing that the very products they use to get washed, stay moisturized, and look their best are doing more harm than good, consumers are now investing their money in authentic brands and all-natural solutions.  

This is great news if you’re looking for a side gig or business that also enhances the lives of others, but how do you set yourself apart with such stiff competition and become a success? Below is some advice:  

Know Your Customers

Before you start creating your homemade beauty products to sell it’s best to have a clear picture of who you’re selling to and what their interests are. This will require some extensive beauty product research to determine. First, start by identifying who would best be served by your products whether that be women in their 30s, children, or families. Then, find out where they like to shop, what they look for in beauty products, and what their favorite fragrances are, and what prompts them to spend money. This can be done by conducting surveys in person or through social media. You can also work with a beauty marketing firm that specializes in consumer research. 

Create Your Products

Now that you know what your target consumer is shopping for, you can alter your homemade beauty products to meet those demands. Here’s where some experimentation may come in. Play around with different ingredients, fragrances, and textures to see which come as close to your customer’s interests. After coming up with a few combinations, it is important to test the products to ensure they work effectively. You can ask a few friends and family or other interested parties to try your products for free to get their feedback on the quality and purpose. 

Packaging Your Product

Using your homemade beauty products out of random cans and jars may be fine for you, but you’ll need to develop the right packaging for your customers. Look at various container options for your products and determine which is best suited for holding your product and keeping it fresh. Then, design the ideal labeling to put on the package. This should include your company name, slogan, as well as information on the product such as the ingredients and direction of use. 

Finding the Right Platform to Sell

The final step to selling your homemade beauty products is to find the right platform to reach your target audience. You can decide you’d prefer to sell your products online and open an eStore. This allows you to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, you may also decide to sell in person. You can set up stands at your local farmer’s market where you’ll find a lot of health-conscious buyers to approach. You can also take your products to local stores and broker a deal to have your products on their shelves for a percentage of the sales.  

Market and Sell Your Products

You have a great natural beauty product for consumers to buy, now it’s time to spread the word. Marketing your brand is essential to increasing sales and developing awareness. You should use both traditional and digital marketing tactics to get the best results. This means creating a website, social media pages, and a blog. However, it also means going to public events, health expos, and other events that your target audience frequents to try and gain their business. During these events, you can have demonstrations, give out samples, and hand out print materials like business cards, flyers, and pamphlets about your products. 

 It’s true, there are thousands of beauty products on the market. Yet, many of them contain chemicals and other ingredients that cause harm. If you believe you have a product that can change this, why not turn it into a business? It can take some time to start selling your homemade products to the masses, but with a plan such as the one discussed above and some determination you can make a name for yourself – while helping others to see the significance in nature.

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